Some Notes and Photos Regarding a Prototype
Jenny Cell for Automotive Use: The Model SA404-2MQ

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Overview and Prefatory Note
This page offers information on a prototype of a type I Jenny Cell which I created for use in my automobile, and on some of the experiments which I have conducted in trying to evaluate whether this aetheric energy technology will work effectively to assist an OBD2-equipped fuel-injected engine found in a modern automobile. The Jenny Cell device which will be primarily discussed here, unless explicitly noted otherwise, is the one which I have labeled as model SA404-2MQ, and which I created in my shop and lab in late 2007. It was developed for use in researching Jenny Cell applications in automobiles, and, in early February 2008, I installed the Jenny Cell in the engine compartment of my 2000 Toyota Corolla for a period of about two months for some very casual and rather careless and sloppy trials. The first experimental trial installation of the Jenny Cell in my Toyota Corolla was very casual, and rather careless and sloppy, and for several very good reasons, as follows:
  • the use of Jenny Cells in automotive engine applications is not at all a major focus of my R&D work here; it is not a matter of great interest to me, and thus any work which I have done in getting the Jenny Cell to work in my automobile has been pretty much of an afterthought.
  • closely coupled with the item above, I have surrendered my life and all the projects and activities in my life to what I call Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart, and divine guidance has simply never made the challenge of getting a Jenny Cell to work effectively as an "engine booster" (aka "assist mode", or, as the Australian Joe Cell researchers like to call it, "shandy mode") in a motor vehicle a priority for me, and rather, the priorities set in my life by Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart for my research and development activities have lain elsewhere.
  • it has been well-known and well-acknowledged for a number of years in the Joe Cell vehicle engine applications field and related aetheric energy fields that while it is fairly easy to get a functioning stage 3 Joe Cell (that is, with due respect for the fact that the vast majority of Joe Cells which are constructed never reach Stage 3) or similar aetheric energy cells to act as an effective "booster" in a simple carburetor-equipped gasoline engine with a conventional distributor and rotor, where the ignition timing is adjustable to a very large degree, it is very difficult to get an aetheric energy cell to function effectively as an engine booster in a gasoline engine in a modern (that is, post-1999) vehicle, because the engines are fuel-injected, the engines lack a conventional ignition distributor and rotor, the engine ignition timing is not adjustable without great expense and without possibly violating Federal law, the engines are governed and controlled entirely by an OBD-II (aka OBD2) onboard computer, and because the engines incorporate sophisticated and sensitive emission-control systems wherein modification thereof is often prohibited by federal law.
  • In light of the above-listed facts about the difficulty of getting aetheric energy cells to work on modern OBD2-equipped vehicle engines, I did not have any interest in spending hundreds or thousands of hours in trying to adapt a Jenny Cell to work effectively in a modern OBD2-equipped engine!
  • Lastly, at the time at which I ran my first, and admittedly very sloppy and casual, tests of installing a Joe Cell in my vehicle engine, I was very busy with a project which was of great importance to me, because it had been prioritized by my inner guidance; that project was the Divine Grace Sacred Charger and the Divine Grace Regeneration Chamber.
My first experimental trial installation of the Jenny Cell in my Toyota Corolla, which started in early February 2008, ended about two and a half months after it started. At a later date, in October 2008, when I had a bit more free time, I again installed the Jenny Cell in the same car, but for this second experimental trial the Jenny Cell was installed in the trunk (instead of the engine compartment) and it was accompanied for this trial by a specially-designed exotic energy adapter, something which I call an "aetheric energy down-scaler". I will discuss both sets of experiments and the results noticed in the sections below, and will also display some photos of the device in its various installation configurations. The following sections will be updated regularly as time passes, and as time permits and I accrue more data about any effects exhibited by the device upon engine performance.

As mentioned briefly above, I have, at times throughout 2008, run some experiments with using a prototype Model SA404-2MQ Jenny Cell in my 2000 Toyota Corolla, with full awareness of the immense challenges that such a venture would pose, because of the following facts about the gasoline engine in a 2000 Toyota Corolla (and really, this is also true of all automobiles produced for the American market since 1995):
  • the engine is fuel-injected, and thus lacks the conventional carburetor (with readily-available adjustment of fuel-air mixture) found in older engines
  • the engine lacks a conventional ignition distributor and rotor, and thus the engine ignition timing is not adjustable without great expense and effort (i.e., installing special after-market performance devices) and without possibly violating Federal law
  • the engine fuel injection and ignition timing, and even its fuel/air mixture, are governed and controlled entirely by an OBD-II (aka OBD2) onboard computer, and modification of the operation or programming of this computer and/or its sensors is often prohibited by federal law.
  • finally, closely coupled with the above-mentioned disclosure about the OBD2 onboard computer, the engine incorporates sophisticated and sensitive emission-control sensors systems wherein modification thereof is often prohibited by federal law.
  • experience garnered by many experimenters over many years has confirmed that each of the above-delineated features of modern automotive engines tends to work strongly to prevent an experimenter from making the necessary adjustments to engine ignition timing, fuel-air mixture and other operating parameters to optimize performance when an aetheric energy cell such as a Joe Cell or Jenny Cell is present. As a net result, it is agreed that it is very difficult to install a Joe Cell or similar aetheic energy cell in the engine of a modern OBD-equipped vehicle and to see any benefits in fuel mileage or engine power.
In contrast, for an unadorned older "conventional" or traditional gasoline engine, that is, one equipped with a carburetor and an ignition distributor and rotor, and without an OBD computer, such an installation would be pretty straightforward, to the extent that if the aetheric energy cell does serve as a practical receiver and accumulator of aetheric energy, then, at least if the engine ignition timing has been sufficiently far advanced, one should start to witness some improvements in fuel mileage and also in engine power after the completion of the aetheric energy break-in phase (aka conditioning period or priming phase) during which period the engine and surrounding components become saturated with aetheric energy; this aetheric energy break-in or saturation phase can take from 3 months to 2 years or longer when working with a conventional Joe Cell, but is usually quite shorter with Jenny Cells, due to their unique characteristics. In fact, in light of numerous reports about the conditioning phases seen in the world of Joe Cells and related aetheric energy devices when used in automotive applications, I had initially expected that the conditioning or priming phase for the Jenny Cell, once installed in the engine compartment of the automobile, would last from at least one month to three months; and that any beneficial effects upon engine performance would be noted only after that conditioning phase had ended. However, despite my initial rather conservative expectations, my experience, along with that of other researchers who have built Jenny Cells (based upon information which I have shared on my website and on my list groups), quickly showed me that in general, the break-in or conditioning period for a Jenny Cell in automotive engine use is considerably shorter than typically reported for Joe Cells, and usually on the order of from 6 days to 45 days. This conditioning period is MUCH shorter than that usually seen with Joe Cells.

A Few Notes and Specifications for the Model SA404-2MQ Jenny Cell
The entire device is potted in resin inside a 3.3" OD PVC pipe; the entire assembly measures about 11 inches high, and maximum diameter (due to the pipe caps on each end) is about 3.6". Aside from straps or brackets needed for mounting the device in the engine compartment of the automobile, the sole connection between the device and the vehicle consists of two teflon-insulated wires for the nominal 12 VDC bias voltage employed by the device; one lead is intended to be connected to DC negative (-) voltage (i.e., in this case, DC ground, which is the chassis of the vehicle) and the other to a fused line supplying DC positive (+) voltage. The current draw of the device is very low, on the order of about 0.02 ma (yes, just 0.02 milliamperes), for a total power consumption of about 2 milliwatts (0.002 watts.) The entire device is sealed, with an expected useful lifetime of over 50 years. No maintenance should ever be needed.
A Few Photos of the Jenny Cell Type I Prototype Model SA404-2MQ
The Jenny Cell type I Model SA404-2MQ prototype shown in the photos below is considerably smaller in size than my earlier prototypes of the Jenny Cell constructed for household and laboratory use. This model of the Jenny Cell, designed and constructed specifically for automotive applications, employs a set of four concentric coaxially-arranged stainless steel tubes each measuring four inches high, with the outermost steel tube measuring two inches in diameter. The cell was sealed top and bottom with epoxy resin after filling with the "aetheric flux dielectric" aka aetherolyte, and then potted in polyester resin inside a 3.3" OD PVC pipe measuring about 8 inches in height. Also embedded in the potting resin inside the PVC pipe is a quantum coherence conditioning device (consisting essentially of the guts of one of my SHO-05 Quantum Coherence conditioners) intended to provide coherence to incoherent subtle energies produced by manmade electrical and electronic systems and components in nearby space. Also embedded in the PVC pipe are some exotic components which condition (by injecting aetheric energy in each lead) and decouple the positive and negative leads carrying the DC bias voltage to the cell. The purpose of the decoupling portion of the circuitry is to prevent the DC power source and/or the associated wiring from acting as an aetheric energy shunt or "short" across the Jenny Cell, whereas an unprotected/non-decoupled DC source would, albeit unintentionally, drain the Jenny Cell of some of its aetheric energy charge.

A front view from slightly above the device, showing the outer PVC shell which measures about 11 inches tall and 3.4 inches in diameter. The coffee mug sits adjacent to the device to provide size comparison. 

A frontal view of the Jenny Cell prototype.

A view of the device from the side, showing more detail of the DC bias leads and connector.

Overview of the Experimental Trial Runs of the Jenny Cell in My 2000 Toyota Corolla

First, a Reminder About the Futility of Attempting to Use Joe Cells or Jenny Cells with Modern OBD-Equipped Engines
As I briefly referenced earlier in this article, and as I discussed in depth on my Jenny Cell email list group in the months preceding my first field automotive tests of the Jenny Cell in my car, it is well-known in the world of Joe Cells (and in the realms of related aetheric energy cells) that a functional Joe Cell (that is, a stage 3 cell, and they seem to be quite rare, as perhaps only one out of every 800 Joe Cells built ever seems to successfully reach stage 3) will only enhance the power and fuel-mileage performance of an engine if the fuel-air mixture can be adjusted (via adjustments to the carburetor) and if the ignition timing can be advanced at least 60 or more degrees. This is an easy feat with the ignition distributor found on the conventional traditional gasoline engines which were common in gasoline engines on motor vehicles around the world until the early 1990s. However, since those same adjustments are impossible or near-impossible (see notes in earlier sections) on a modern fuel-injected, OBD-controlled engine with pollution control systems, and since the OBD computer tends to automatically compensate for any cell-induced changes in engine performance in an effort to reduce pollution levels, thus often negating any performance benefits, it is generally agreed that no benefits can be garnered from installing a Joe Cell or a similar type of aetheric energy cell in a modern fuel-injected and OBD-governed engine, at least unless the experimenter is willing to spend many hours and many dollars in effecting possibly illegal modifications to the engine, to the OBD programming, to the OBD engine sensors, and also willing to invest in aftermarket hardware which would allow them to manually adjust ignition timing.

So... why then, you might ask, did I even bother trying to install the Jenny Cell in my 2000 Toyota Corolla, particularly when I have already stated that I have no interest in spending hundreds or thousands of hours, and perhaps thousands of dollars, in modifying the OBD computer's program, and its sensors, and in trying to find a way to "force" the advancement of the ignition timing using any of several available after-market gadgets marketed in the performance car world? Well, the answer is simple: I had received guidance on an inner level from Holy Spirit and my angels that it would be possible, with just a bit of tinkering -- and better yet, with tinkering only at the level of devices which transduce or manipulate aetheric energies and other exotic energies, and with no tinkering needed at the level of the engine, its OBD computer or its sensors -- to install the Jenny Cell in such a way that it would yield significant benefits in fuel economy and engine power when installed in a modern fuel-injected and OBD-equipped engine such as that found in my 2000 Toyota Corolla. And, that same inner guidance encouraged me, as a preliminary first step, to install the Jenny Cell in my Corolla in much the same simple and unsophisticated manner as that which I will describe in this section for my first experimental trials of the Jenny Cell, which commenced in early February 2008.

And so, I went into the first experimental trial, which will be described in a section below, with few expectations, beyond an inner sureness that I would, sooner or later, find a relatively easeful way to get the Jenny Cell to work efficiently even with a modern fuel-injected and OBD-equipped engine. And my first trial run was admittedly a very rough and raw, and casual and sloppy, effort! More details on the first experimental trial of the cell will be shared in a later section of this article!

A Note on Measurements of Engine Performance
As I had already noted on my Jenny Cell list group at Yahoo Groups in the months preceding my first test run of the Jenny Cell in my Toyota Corolla in early 2008, I had purchased and installed a ScanGauge II -- a small digital add-on dashboard electronic monitor with LCD display that plugs into the OBD jack under the dashboard, and which sells in the $150 USD price range -- in my vehicle during the fourth quarter of 2007, in order to allow me a ready means to easily monitor and log fuel mileage and other engine and vehicle performance parameters. All observations of fuel mileage, fuel mileage comparisons and engine performance parameters which will be shared later in this article have been derived from the information recorded (and displayed) by the ScanGauge II. I am, incidentally, very pleased with the features and performance of the ScanGauge II, and I can recommend it wholeheartedly for such applications.

Next, a Big Caveat and Heads-up About the Engine in My 2000 Toyota Corolla
And now for some sticky news about some confounding factors that make everything somewhat messier! As I had previously disclosed in depth on my Jenny Cell list group in the months preceding my first trial run of the Jenny Cell in my Toyota Corolla in February 2008, there were, and are, some interesting challenges and limitations posed by my using my 2000 Toyota Corolla (and its engine) in particular, above and beyond the rather daunting generic fact that the engine in my 2000 Toyota Corolla was (and is) a fuel-injected OBD-equipped engine, which, of course, does not allow one to adjust fuel-air mixture or engine ignition timing, and which thus would normally makes adaptation of a Joe Cell or Jenny Cell to such an engine a very daunting matter. You see -- and I already shared these slightly embarrassing facts on my Jenny Cell list group back in late 2007 and early 2008 -- the engine in my Toyota Corolla, at the time of the first trials in February 2008, was not only eight years old, and not only already had over 132,000 miles on it, and worse, it had (and still has) pretty poor compression, and also burns oil at the rate of one quart per 240 miles, due to the fact that it had been run dry, that is, without sufficient engine oil in the oil pan, twice during its history. Now, no need to get into the rather sordid details of how the engine came to be so badly abused, but rather, let us just stick to the facts for now that the engine, at the time of the first test run of the Jenny Cell, was about 8 years old, had over 132,000 miles on it, and exhibited rather poor cylinder compression and concomitant high oil consumption due to some earlier minor "run dry" damage. Because of this excessive wear and tear, the engine was understandably, at the time that testing commenced in February 2008, already exhibiting some minor problems, erratic and varying fuel mileage, and also reduced horsepower and reduced fuel mileage. So, these factors could be seen as posing even more of a challenge for a test installation of an aetheric energy cell!

Some Notes on the First Experiments With Installing the Jenny Cell in My 2000 Toyota Corolla, Starting in February 2008
It is best to pause here and remind you that my experiments with installing a Jenny Cell in my Toyota Corolla have all been very casual and lukewarm, and at times, half-hearted, for all of the reasons disclosed in the Overview/Preface section and in the Introduction section above. This is particularly true of the first experimental trial, which began in early February 2008, and which will be described in this section.

And, as you have likely concluded from reading the caveats and reminders shared in the previous section of this article, from a viewpoint of conducting a controlled study and also from the viewpoint of conducting a study which would offer hopefully optimal conditions which might allow the Jenny Cell to exhibit its best performance, well, a casual independent observer might well say that this first trial was rather lacking in both regards!

Some Notes About the Installation
Normally, for any of my exotic energy projects, the design and implementation of the technology is guided from start to finish by detailed guidance which I receive on an inner level from Holy Spirit and from my angels. And, indeed, this is also true of the design of each of the models of the Type I (and also Type II) Jenny Cells which I have designed and built. And, in the normal run of things, if I were planning to try to use a new exotic energy device such as the Jenny Cell for a new application, such as the current experimental trial in using it with an automotive engine, I would normally first spend a considerable amount of time in meditation in order to receive detailed guidance on how best install the device and how best to ensure that it might work. Such guidance might include detailed instruction on how to best ensure that the technology could be adjusted or adapted to ensure optimal effectiveness in any given application. And indeed, even a casual observer might point out that such precautions would likely be doubly-important in this case, given the fact that the engine in the car was not a traditional conventional gasoline engine equipped with carburetor and an ignition distributor, but rather a modern, fuel-injected, OBD2-equipped, pollution-controlled engine.

However, due to lack of time and interest on my part, and also because my inner guidance encouraged me, for the first experimental trial, to simply perform a quick-and-dirty test, I spent very little time prior to the installation of the Jenny Cell in my Toyota Corolla in trying to first fine-tune the installation and implementation procedure at the level of inner guidance, and rather, I simply jumped right in and installed the prototype Jenny Cell type I Model SA404-2MQ device in the engine compartment of my 2000 Toyota Corolla on the first relatively warm day of mid-winter, which happened to be early February 2008. Unlike the engine compartments found in American cars of the 1960s, 70s and 80s, which tended to offer lots of free real estate, the engine compartment of a modern Toyota Corolla -- as is true of most modern OBD-equipped cars -- is quite crammed with components and engine accessories, leaving little room for adding after-market accessories such as a Jenny Cell in the engine compartment. In fact, the only readily-available piece of real estate in the engine compartment of my Corolla was at the very rear of the compartment, on the firewall, which meant that the Jenny Cell, once mounted on the firewall, ended up sitting just a few inches from the exhaust manifold, which gets very hot when the engine is running.

I have inserted a few photos below of the February 2008 trial installation of the Jenny Cell in the engine compartment of the Toyota Corolla.

A view from the front driver's side of the car, showing the Jenny Cell installed on the rear firewall of the engine compartment.

A view of the installed Jenny Cell from the passenger side of the engine compartment.

A view from the front of the engine compartment of the installation of the Type I Jenny Cell near the engine, mounted on the rear firewall of the engine compartment. If you look carefully, you can see the wires carrying the DC bias voltage from an under-dashboard fuseblock through the firewall from the passenger compartment to the nylon connector mounted on the leads exiting from the Jenny Cell.

The reality of the installation was that my choosing to install the Jenny Cell in the engine compartment rather than in the trunk of the car, where it could be mounted far more easily and securely, and also be safe from the heat and vibration of the engine compartment, was purely based upon stubbornness, since Joe Cell experimenters have always mounted their Joe Cells in the engine compartment and physically near the engine. The reality is that I already knew -- based upon both firm and clear inner guidance and also upon numerous experiments in my laboratory -- that the Jenny Cell type I Model SA404-2MQ prototype was over 6 times more powerful than a typical Joe Cell (that is, a stage 3 Joe Cell employing four SS cylinders, about six inches in height and with the outermost cylinder about four inches in diameter), and that thus the Jenny Cell could be mounted anywhere within 22 or 23 feet of the engine; this means that had I wished an installation that was far less hassle, I could have simply mounted the Jenny Cell anywhere in the trunk of the Corolla. However, for this first experimental trial, due to a bit of stubbornness, I wanted to "do it by the book", that is, mount the cell in the traditional place, and that meant that it had to be mounted in the engine compartment.

The DC bias leads of the cell were wired to a DC source on the fuseblock that provided a nominal 12 volts DC to the cell whenever the ignition switch was turned on. It would have been slightly more ideal for the cell to have been wired into the car wiring system in such a way that it was provided with DC bias voltage even when the engine was turned off, but remember that this was a quick and dirty and very casual effort, and so I quickly decided that it was not worth the effort to bother finagling with the various fuse blocks under the dashboard until I could find an always-on source of 12 volts DC, and rather, for the sake of convenience, I simply wired the cell into a 12 VDC source that was on only when the ignition key was turned on.

And Now, for a Confounding Factor -- the Concomitant Installation of a Sophie Cell in the Vehicle!
About two to three weeks before I installed the Joe Cell in the engine compartment, I had also installed a Sophie Cell, another type of exotic energy cell which is described elsewhere on this website, in the vehicle; it had been placed in the trunk of the car, since its radius of effect was at least 25 feet. I had installed it in the car as yet one more casual and quick-and-dirty experiment, and simply because my own inner guidance -- along with unsolicited feedback received from a number of colleagues who are also intuitives -- had indicated that a Sophie Cell could, with a little bit of work, also improve both fuel mileage performance and engine power if installed in even a modern OBD-equipped motor vehicle. And so, as a quick and lazy test, I had simply, without any further preparation or fanfare, dumped a Sophie Cell into a spare parts and tool box which was already mounted in the trunk of the car.

And so, it must be borne in mind that the Sophie Cell was already in place in the car when the Jenny Cell was installed in the engine compartment, and remained in place for most of the duration of the 2.5 month casual testing period in early 2008; the Sophie Cell was removed from the vehicle only three weeks before the Jenny Cell was removed, and thus the vehicle operated under the influence of only the Jenny Cell for the last three weeks of the experimental trial . Of course, had this been a controlled study conducted with any degree of seriousness and "tightness", the presence of the Sophie Cell -- particularly since it was also an exotic energy device which many sources had already claimed could influence engine performance -- would have been seen as a major confounding factor that would largely violate any pretense of conducting a controlled experiment! However, since this first test run was intended to be only a very casual and quick and dirty trial, the presence of such a potentially confounding variable did not trouble me at all when it came time to install the Jenny Cell in the car!

Results Observed
With the exception of a few brief periods near the beginning of the test period, once both cells had been installed, where it seemed that the vehicle fuel economy had improved, albeit temporarily, by about 10%, the net effect was that I noticed very little improvement in fuel mileage and engine power from the installation of the Jenny Cell and the Sophie Cell, and, unfortunately, some pre-existing engine problems (mentioned earlier) contributed to significant fluctuation in fuel mileage. And, the Sophie Cell alone (at the early part of the trial) seemed to have no effect at all upon engine performance. If anything, it seemed that the long-term effect of having both cells installed in the car, after the aetheric energy break-in or conditioning period had ended, might possibly have been in the negative direction, that is, decreased fuel mileage, rougher running and decreased engine power. And it should be pointed out that such a result would not be entirely unexpected when attempting to run an unmodified fuel-injected OBD-equipped engine with an aetheric energy cell in the assist mode. So, after about two months, I eventually pulled first the Sophie Cell, followed by the Jenny Cell about three weeks late, out of the car. Thus, as already mentioned earlier, the vehicle was evaluated under the influence of only the Jenny Cell for the last three weeks of the experimental trial.  Interestingly, the fuel mileage and engine performance seemed to degrade slightly from the moment that the Sophie Cell had been removed, and the decreased fuel mileage and decreased engine performance persisted throughout the three weeks that the Jenny Cell alone was in place.

The Second Test Run of the Jenny Cell in My Toyota Corolla, October 2008, Using Jenny Cell w/Ancillary Tara Cell Energy Down-scaler
Background and Introduction
As time passed after the conclusion of my first trial run of the Jenny Cell in my car, my inner guidance reminded me that, if I ever had some spare time (since the Jenny Cell automotive application project was not at all a priority), it would be entirely possible for me to design -- with due guidance from Holy Spirit and my angels, of course -- and fabricate a small exotic energy device which would be installed adjacent to the Jenny Cell, and which would function as an energy "down-converter" or "down-scaler", and I was advised that this down-scaler device, coupled with the Jenny Cell, would convert the aetheric energy from the Jenny Cell to a more "friendly" form, one that would be far more usable by my modern fuel-injected and OBD-equipped engine. I was further advised that if I would construct such a device and mount it on the automotive Jenny Cell, and if I would install both of these devices within about 18 feet of the engine, perhaps in the trunk, that this combination would not only offer significant improvement in fuel mileage for my modern OBD-equipped engine, but would do so without any need for me to try to tinker with the OBD computer's programming, nor with its sensors, nor with any other aspects of the pollution control and engine control systems in my car.

However, in the wake of my first rough and tumble experimental trial installation of the Jenny Cell in my Corolla, I did very little with that information that I mentioned above, simply because most of my time and attention were already very much taken with some very interesting projects which had been prioritized by Holy Spirit and my angels, and because I place little importance on getting Jenny Cells (or Joe Cells, or any kind of aetheric energy cells) to work in automotive applications, particularly with modern OBD-equipped engines and the challenges which they present. And so I did little more than file that interesting information away in the back of my mind, and did not act on it.

Synchronistic Reminders
Then, in July 2008, I had two somewhat synchronistic things happen which convinced me to perhaps pay a bit more attention to the earlier guidance that I had received. Here is what happened, presented in a somewhat coherent chronological order: First, I received a phone call in late June or early July from a woman (who was largely a stranger to me, we had spoken only once before, and very briefly) in the mid-western USA who is an intuitive and also a member of my Joe Cell list group and my exotic energy list group, and, after a bit of pleasant chit-chat about the exotic energy world and about spiritual matters, she abruptly asked me how my first trial runs with the Jenny Cell in my car had turned out. I gave her a very brief rendition of the rather unimpressive results that I had noticed with my casual experiment back in early 2008, and I mentioned that I might someday spend a bit more time on the matter, as I had received some inner guidance that had pointed to a possible workaround for the fact that my car has a modern OBD-equipped engine. She immediately said to me, without hesitation, that Spirit wanted her to "remind" me that all it would likely take to get the Jenny Cell working well with my engine would be a single small add-on exotic energy device, and she told me that Spirit advised her that that I already knew how to design this ancillary device. What she said to me was, of course, perfectly true, and so I simply thanked her for the reminder, but told her that there was little chance that I would bother doing a second run of Jenny Cells tests on my Corolla any time soon, simply due to other projects and ventures in my life which had much higher priority. And so that was pretty much the end of that discussion!

Then, within a span of less than two weeks from the date of the call which I have just related above, my friend and colleague Nancy, who is a local healer and intuitive, dropped by for one of her near-monthly visits (during which she also spends some time in the Divine Grace regeneration chamber), and during her visit, she, much like my caller of two weeks earlier, asked me, rather out of the blue, about my earlier experiment with using the Jenny Cell in my car, and she also asked me if I would build a Jenny Cell for her to use in her car. In response, I quickly reminded her of the well-acknowledged difficulties in trying to successfully use a Jenny Cell or Joe Cell with a modern fuel-injected and OBD-equipped engine such as that found in her vehicle (which is even newer than mine), and I then advised her it would not be worth the effort or expense for her to try using such a cell in her modern vehicle. Right on cue, and without hesitation, Nancy quickly replied along the lines of "...but you already know that there is a way around that problem! You know that there is a way to get the Jenny Cell to work with these modern engines, and it involves some kind of special device, containing a special antenna, that you already know how to make, I can kinda see it as I am talking, and I know that you know how to do this, and all you would need to do is build this little thing and then mount it next to the Jenny Cell, real close to it, and then install them together in the car, and that would take care of adjusting the Jenny Cell energies so that they will work effectively with these modern engines! Now, you know that, so why don't you do that? And you can build one for me, too!"  Feeling slightly spooked by the rather synchronistic fact that this was the second time within two weeks that I was receiving such a reminder, I replied to Nancy that while she was technically right about the possibility of some kind of exotic energy adapter, there were also several realities to consider here:
  • the fact that I have little interest in spending much time in getting Jenny Cells to work with modern OBD-equipped engines
  • the fact that I was already busy with several important projects which had been prioritized by Holy Spirit and my angels 
  • the fact that yes, it was very nice that my inner guidance had advised me, and that Nancy had reminded me, that there was likely a pretty easy way around the challenges posed by modern OBD-equipped engines, one that involved building a special exotic energy converter device that would be mounted on the Jenny Cell, but, I reminded her, there still existed the possibility that the matter could turn out to be more complex than that, and that getting the entire thing (that is, the Jenny Cell plus the adapter/converter device) to work effectively with these finicky modern engines could still end up being a task that could demand quite a bit of time in fine-tuning and tinkering, and I was not willing to bother with all that at that time. 
As I recall, Nancy was, at the time, not overly receptive to my protestations, and rather, she simply shrugged and said something along the lines of "Well, why not just try it?" My reaction was to put the matter aside once again, but this time with a rather respectful footnote that it was rather interesting that two different persons had been guided by Spirit within a two-week span to remind me about the possibility of using an exotic energy converter/adapter to hopefully render the Jenny Cell more workable with a modern OBD-equipped engine. Interesting as all that was, however, I decided to put the matter aside once again for the nonce, for I was getting ready to head off to Malaysia on a consulting job, and I was also busy with other projects, particularly with procuring parts needed to fabricate some of the critical exotic energy components that would form the heart of my time-space portal project.
Fabrication of the First Model of the Tara Cell Aetheric Energy Down-scaler
Finally, in late September and early October 2008, I had a bit of spare time on my hands, due to a temporary and necessary slowdown on some of my other projects here, and so I decided to at least go ahead and fabricate the exotic energy down-scaler for which I had been given the design many months earlier. So, after briefly checking in with my inner guidance to be sure that my design was entirely "tight" and correct (and, as usual, I was advised that it was), I spent the good part of two days in fabricating an aetheric energy down-scaler (aka down-converter) device, which I tend to informally call a "Tara Cell".

Mounting the Tara Cell Aetheric Energy Down-scaler to the Automotive Jenny Cell
From the first time that I had been told by my inner guidance about the Tara Cell energy down-scaler technology, I had been advised that it was important that the device be mounted within 16 inches of the Jenny Cell, and preferably even closer, within ten inches, and so I decided to mount the Tara Cell energy down-scaler directly to the side of the Jenny Cell, placing their centers only about four inches apart.

And so, in early October 2008, I cleaned up the rather dirty model SA404-2MQ Type I Jenny Cell that I had earlier pulled from my car engine compartment in April 2008 after the conclusion of its first test run, and, for the sake of convenience of installation in my car, so as to allow me to avoid the hassle of routing a 12 VDC line from the dashboard fuse block to the Jenny Cell, I installed a 9 volt battery holder on the side of the Jenny Cell and wired its DC bias leads directly to a battery terminal clip attached to a 9 volt alkaline battery mounted in the battery holder. In this way, the Jenny Cell was now equipped with its own integral DC bias supply, and, given the incredibly low current drain (about 0.02 ma) of the Jenny Cell, the alkaline 9 volt battery should exhibit a 3 to 4 year service lifetime!

I then spent a bit more time in my shop mounting the aetheric energy down-scaler device to the side of the Jenny Cell. The down-scaler device, by the way, does not require any electrical power, and thus there are no wiring connections to be made, and rather, the Tara Cell (its full nomenclature is a "model TARA-002 Tara Cell Aetheric Energy Down-scaler") is powered only by the aetheric energy surrounding the Jenny Cell.

A few photos follow, showing the model SA404-2MQ Type I Jenny Cell with the attached model TARA-002 Tara Cell Aetheric Energy Down-scaler:

This photo shows the SA404-2MQ Type I Jenny Cell (built for automotive use) with the aetheric energy down-scaler device (aka Tara Cell) mounted on the side of the cell.

These photos show 2 more shots from different angles of the SA404-2MQ Type I Jenny Cell (built for automotive use) with the Tara Cell aetheric energy down-scaler device mounted on the side of the cell.

Packaging and Installation of the Combination Jenny Cell and Tara Cell Assembly for the Experimental Trial
In order to afford some degree of protection to the Jenny Cell and the attached Tara Cell energy down-scaler, and also to allow easier handling and installation in the car, I inserted the entire assembly, along with some slabs of rigid foam for padding and dimensional stability, into a 12" x 9" x 5" heady-duty corrugated cardboard box, taped the box shut, and, using duct tape, installed an interim waterproof "foot" on the bottom of the box to help it to better resist environmental challenges. I then installed the sealed box in the trunk of my car, just behind the rear passenger seat, and located about 9.2 feet from the centerline of the engine, and secured the box in place with several bungee cords. Although I chose to mount the box so that the Jenny Cell was installed in an upright position, the reality is that my inner guidance has advised that it would be effective in any orientation, whether upright, or upside down, or mounted on its side. As for the Tara Cell, since it is spherical, there is no up, now down, and there are no sides, and so orientation of this cell is simply not an issue!

I installed the Jenny Cell and Tara Cell combination package in the trunk of my car on Saturday, October 4, 2008, and then sat back to allow the conditioning or break-in period to take place, that is, the period during which the aetheric energy from the Jenny Cell saturates the engine. The aetheric energy conditioning period, aka break-in period, will likely be from 10 days to 60 days, and then after that I expect that I may see some effects.

Any significant observations will be posted here once the conditioning period has ended.

Brief note as of 10/08/2008: Interestingly, although the pair of devices has been installed in my Corolla for only four days so far, I am already noticing at least a 12% improvement in fuel mileage for local about-town driving, according to the ScanGauge II, and I am also noticing that the old, rather worn engine is definitely displaying greater power and "pep". And, more significantly, my wife Sue had not really been aware that I had installed the pair of devices in the car a couple of days earlier, and after she drove the car on Monday, October 6 to run some errands in town, she reported that the engine seemed "happier" and that it had more power and "pep".

Inquiries Regarding Availability of Prototypes of the Type I Jenny Cell Models and Tara Cells
I have, since mentioning the latest phase of my work with the Jenny Cell and the Tara Cell in automotive applications to some friends, been receiving some inquiries from folks who are interested in purchasing  a prototype model of a Jenny Cell for their own experimentation and research, and, in some cases, for those folks with post-1995 vehicles, they have also expressed interest in purchasing a prototype Tara Cell as well. As you may recall, back in December 2007, in light of some interest expressed by colleagues at that time in the Type I Jenny Cell, I had created a table displaying the different prototype models of the Type I Jenny Cell available, along with size/power (i.e., number of SS cylinders, diameter of outermost SS cylinder, height of SS cylinders comprising cell, etc. along with suggested pricing). As always, all pricing has been set by Holy Spirit and my angels, for it is these aspects of Divinity which have gifted me with the technology; please click here to see the table of Jenny Cell prototype models with specifications and pricing.

I have added a small section to the same page linked above, showing availability and pricing of the Tara Cell. As is true for all of my exotic energy devices, pricing for the Tara Cell has been set by Holy Spirit and my angels, for it is these aspects of Divinity which have gifted me with the technology.

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Forbidden Science (VP)
The term "forbidden science" was first coined in the 1980s by Dr. Jaques Vallee, a PhD computer scientist and strange/fringe science researcher, to describe those fields of scientific investigation that the current scientific "establishment" tends to view as quack science, or as fringe science, and as undesirable topics for "serious" scientists to research; those fields include the topic of UFOs and "space aliens", alchemy, ormus nutritionals, the paranormal, overunity devices, exotic energies (aka prana or chi) beyond the pale of conventional electromagnetics, and numerous other "fringe science" and "strange science" realms.

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The primary focus of this list group is to discuss topics in the realms of forbidden science, aka strange science, aka fringe science, including UFOs and "space aliens", alchemy, ormus nutritionals, the paranormal, overunity devices, exotic energies (aka prana or chi) beyond the pale of conventional electromagnetics, and numerous other "fringe science" and "strange science" realms.

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