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Frequently Asked Questions about Jenny Cell Technology


Jenny Cells, General Questions With Some Comparisons to Joe Cells

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Questions & Answers about Jenny Cell Technology

Q: Do Jenny Cells Employ Orgonite or Quartz Crystals?

A: No, much as referenced in an earlier reply, and also on the technical information page, Jenny Cells do not employ the plastic material generically known as orgonite (i.e., by popular definition, a plastic resin with small metal shavings or crystal particles embedded in it) nor to they employ quartz crystals. Of course, it is always possible that someday, someone else, or even I, may choose to employ quartz material as one of the substances comprising the solid state cell filler in a Jenny Cell, but that is not on the horizon at this point!

Q: I have heard a lot of bad things about Joe Cells, that they are finicky, unstable and only 1 in 100 or 1 in 200 people who experiment with them get them to work at all.  Is the Jenny Cell technology more reliable?

A: Yes, the solid-state Jenny Cell technology does seem to be far more stable and more powerful than the very messy and temperamental Joe Cells and related cells (i.e., such as cold fusion cells and anomalous anode glow cells), which employ a liquid "electrolyte" . And, one of the best things about the Jenny Cell aetheric energy technology -- above any beyond all the other obvious benefits such as stability and no need to fuss with messy liquids or "conditioning" and charging of liquids (which works successfully for only about one out of 70 experimenters, anyway!) -- is its "tame and focused portal" effect. For a number of reasons, including the fact that they do not employ high currents and rather employ simply an impressed voltage across the cell with literally no current flow, Jenny Cell technology is inherently very coherent, very focused and very stable, and therefore very tame and highly predictable. See the next question and answer for a more detailed explanation of a related topic.

Q: I've heard Joe Cell and similar can bring in evil or bad energies, can this happen with the Jenny Cell?

A: The short answer is NO. Let me explain that a bit more: In order for any device, whether it be a Joe Cell, orgone box, pyramid or Jenny Cell, to act as a receiver and accumulator of aetheric (aka orgone) energy, it must first "receive" or "transduce" those energies from what I perceive as a sea of aetheric energy, and that aetheric energy sea does not exist in our normal time/space, but rather in an alternate "dimension".

And thus, an aetheric energy receiver/accumulator, in order to receive aetheric energy, must, of necessity, act as a portal or a doorway to this other dimension, which, for lack of better references, I will choose to call an "inner dimension". However, this inner dimension in which the sea of aetheric energy resides is only one of many thousands of alternate dimensions, or "other dimensions", and herein lies a problem:

One of the many problems attendant to the Joe Cell technology and other esoteric electrochemical cells (i.e., cold fusion cells, anomalous anode glow cells) -- and even to some orgone boxes and pryamids -- is that they seem to regularly act as highly unpredictable and promiscuous portals, that is, when they are functional at all (and let us pause to note here that the functional condition alone may be a rather rare state for most Joe Cells!), they seem to act as very unselective portals, often accidentally forming doorways to a number of alternate dimensions other than the one which acts as a sea or reservoir of aetheric energy. And, much as I have related in the past in some of my tales shared on my websites and list groups devoted to aetheric energy topics, the problem with these unintended and accidental openings to the other dimensions is that they often can allow energies or entities -- most of which are harmless in and of themselves when located in their native time/space "dimensions" -- to enter our world, where their presence and behavior can be rather undesirable. In fact, many psychics and intuitives, and many spiritual traditions as well, often label these accidental cross-dimensional trespassers as "undesirable entities" or "invaders" or even as "evil spirits" or "demons". The reality in the vast majority of such cases is that the entities or thought forms did not really intend to enter our world in the first place, and rather were somewhat forcibly dragged here by the rather out-of-control interdimensional portal behavior of the Joe Cell (or other electrochemical cell), and, once here, they usually mean no harm and simply would like to return to their native worlds. However, since they are trapped in a time-space dimensionality which is not/was not of their choosing, humans may thus often perceive their presence, appearance or effects as "undesirable" or even "evil". In contrast to the Joe Cells and electrochemical cells, Jenny Cells are very tame and stable and not prone to such problems. For a number of reasons, including the fact that they do not employ high currents and rather employ simply an impressed voltage across the cell with literally no current flow, Jenny Cell technology is inherently very coherent, very focused and very stable, and therefore very tame and highly predictable, and thus the Jenny Cell creates a portal ONLY to the inner dimension which happens to act as a reservoir of aetheric energy, and does not create accidental portals to other unintended dimensions or worlds.

A Funny Tale
Before I begin the tale, to summarize the above, Jenny Cells seem to be one of the tamer and more "tight" and focused technologies, wherein a properly designed and constructed and biased (DC bias) Jenny Cells tend to be very focused and dedicated portal ONLY to the inner dimension which I call the sea of aetheric energy, and they usually are largely immune to acting as promiscuous accidental portals to other dimensions/space-times, unlike the Joe Cells and many pyramid devices and many exotic energy "portal" devices, which normally tend to be rather unpredictable, promiscuous and sloppy in such matters. And, as I have said before, these things which come through -- whether they be entities, beings or thought forms -- are almost NEVER true demons or "baddies", but rather just beings/entities/thought forms ripped out of their space and time, and so they are not bad or evil, but just trapped out of their own native space-time -- they may not realize fully what happened to them for many days or months, and they are stuck here, in any case, until and unless we can help them to return to their native "dimension."

I am starting to hear tales from research associates who have been playing recently with exotic energy devices and who have been having escapades and near-escapades with various entities and "things" which have entered their local space due to their accidentally opening portals to other worlds with their devices. One colleague wrote to me a few days ago to tell me that he had developed several orgonite-like devices employing high-ormus minerals and other exotic compounds, and that several days later, a friend/colleague of his who was evaluating one of the devices witnessed a small humanoid being, greyish white and hooded, about 2.5 to 3 feet tall and moving very fast, emerge from the device and dart around the kitchen in which he (the colleague) was sitting. In this case, the colleague, who is also a mystic and intuitive, quickly acted on an inner level to return the entity to where it belonged.

I kinda laughed when I heard this tale, because it seems to be a very common theme in many of these portal tales that the accidental intruder often appears as a small greyish humanoid wearing a robe.

Followup, Reply to "Dire Warnings"
I continue to receive calls and notes from members of my list groups and colleagues warning me that they feel that I continue to treat these possibilities (i.e., of entities, beings an thought forms from other dimensions) too lightly and cavalierly, and warning me in dire terms that these are "deadly serious" matters and that such entities / beings / things are often quite evil and terrifying and dangerous. Sorry, but this is simply not my experience, despite the fact that I have regularly been consciously encountering such things since the mid-1980s, first as an energy healer in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and then, from 2000 onward, as a spiritual healer, and also in my work as a consultant for researchers and colleagues who have built subtle energy devices which have acted as accidental portals for such things. So, why is it then that some people seem to report that their encounters with such things were/are life-threatening and terrifying, or that their encounters with such things have wreaked permanent damage in their lives, and yet I and many of my colleagues and friends tend to see these things as minor annoyances at best?

Well, I have already addressed this issue to some extent but since I continue to receive "dire warnings" from fear-ridden people, I will make one more attempt to shed some more light on this topic. Here goes:

It is my direct experience that to an incredibly large extent, we -- and please note here that this "we" includes all of the tens of thousands of largely-unconscious mental, emotional, karmic and cellular memory programs and recordings, some of which are tens of thousands of years old, which we carry in our local self -- create our own reality. Period. We tend to create in our world what believe we will encounter; we tend to create our world exactly according to our expectations. Or, as Abraham (of Abraham-Hicks) would say, we create that upon which we dwell, we create that which we constantly imagine and that which we constantly fear. If you dwell upon fear, danger, drama and "evil", then you will undoubtedly create a world where you see such things all around you. If you dwell in love, coherence, peace, grace and ease, then your world will be filled with those qualities.

I was reminded recently that the famed psychotherapist / mythologist Carl Jung put it a different way, using different words. I was speaking last nite on the phone with my friend who is a PhD Jungian psychologist in California, and we were discussing the absurdly wide range of responses of people on my list groups to the topic of entities/beings and "energies" which can occasionally enter our world from other dimensions, including via pathways such as portals created by various subtle energy devices or aetheric energy devices. She, like me, tends to see such things as relatively benign, and as minor annoyances at best, and we were discussing the people in this field whom I call the "drama queens"; the people who tend to like to paint any picture containing entities or thought forms in broad strokes of fear, drama, danger and pathos. I was reminded, while we were discussing the topic of "you create whatever you expect", that Carl Jung phrased it much as follows: "Whatever face you show to the world, that is the face that the world tends to show you. If you regularly carry violence, anger and fear in your heart, then that is the face that the world will show to you. If you carry love and acceptance in your heart, then that is the face with which the world will greet you every day."

Q:  I know from experience that Joe Cells and similar seem to have some undesirable side effects when running. Their energy seems to be noisy causing electronic devices to fail, computers to crash and electricial devices to go haywire. You and others seem to be saying that the Jenny Cell technology does not have this problem. Is this true and why?

A:  Yes, it is true. One characteristic of the aetheric energy produced by the Jenny Cell technology seems to be what I will call "coherence". Due to the fact that they employ rather harsh electrochemical reactions involving not only chemical changes, but also the flow of appreciable amounts of electrical current (and often high voltages as well, at least during charging stages), Joe Cells and related electrochemical cells usually seem to emit a rather incoherent and jagged or spiky type of aetheric energy, i.e., an inherently noisy energy causing electronic, computer and electricial failures. Jenny Cells on the other hand, because of their inherent design which results in the earlier-mentioned focus and stability, seem to receive and accumulate an aetheric energy which is highly stable, coherent, clean and smooth, where the waveforms of each packet are totally in phase and in synchrony with each other. In other words, Jenny Cells do not produce noise and hence do not cause electronic, computer or electricial failures.

Q: How long does it take to "prime" a Jenny Cell and how long does it operate once it is primed?

A: In a "new" environment, it can take a functioning Joe Cell (that is, if it "works"; many do not ever reach that stage) anywhere from at least three months to 15 months to start to really condition the environment with aetheric energy. Its lifetime will be dependent upon many variables, but may be a year or two or three at most, it seems.

And, in a "new" environment, it seems that it can take a Jenny Cell anywhere from a month to three months to really condition the environment with aetheric energy. However, from all that I know, a type I or type II Jenny Cell, once it is conditioned and primed and once it has conditioned its local environment, should have a functional life of over 30 years. Of course, it will continue to work best if supplied with the suggested DC bias voltage.

Q: Are Jenny Cells affected by the weather?

A: A number of researchers in the Joe Cell (JoC) field seem to have reported that their JoCs were affected by weather, particularly storms, and sometimes adversely and sometimes beneficially. And, for years, many researchers working with conventional orgone accumulators such as nested pyramids, cones or cans or orgone boxes have reported that the effects seem to vary with weather, including variables such as sunny days versus night or dark days. More recently, a few researchers in the aetheric energy field and pyrimad research field have reported that, at times, these devices seem to attract thunderstorms and related weather phenomena. However, the reports as a whole body do not seem to exhibit much consistency, and, in fact, are often contradictory, and it is hard to draw any firm conclusions from them. As for the effects of weather on the Jenny Cell, so far they seem to be minimal, if existent at all, but it is way too early to say anything for sure.

Passive vs Active Orgone Accumulators
I suspect that one reason we see a LOT of variance across reports -- and even greatly-conflicting reports -- of purported effects of weather upon functioning of "orgone accumulators" is that it has long been believed in many circles within the aetheric energy world and orgone energy world that some of the devices cited -- such as traditional orgone boxes, simple pyramids, cones and simple Drbal shape generators -- are really only orgone accumulators in the simplest and most primitive sense, that is, they ONLY pull orgone energy from the local environment, for example, from a far corner of the room, or from a tree outside the window, or from a cloud passing above, and they DO NOT actually act as receivers of aetheric energy from an aetheric energy sea in another "dimension" outside our space-time universe. In other words, it has been believed that these shape technology devices act only to collect small amounts of ambient local orgone energy from the local environment. I tend to call such theories by the name "passive orgone accumulator" theories, and would therefore label any devices exhibiting such behaviors by the name "passive orgone accumulators." In fact, about the only reason that I have ever paid even courtesy lip service to such "passive accumultor from the local environment" theories of operation for simple accumulator devices is because these concepts seem to be so well-entrenched in many sectors of the orgone world and the aetheric energy world. Speaking personally, I must say at this juncture that I have seen very little evidence that even the primitive shape technologies used to accumulate orgone (aka aetheric) energy truly act as passive accumultors from the local environment, and rather, much as I have witnessed with the more sophisticated and complex aetheric energy receiver/accumulator technologies, I strongly suspect that most of the the simple accumulator devices, particularly those based upon shape technologies, function in the same way as the more sophisticated and powerful aetheric energy receiver/accumulator (AERA) devices such as functional Joe Cells, functional Proton Cells, some advanced "pyramid energy" generators, the Al Sinclair-type aetheric energy charging technologies, the Al Sinclair high-ormus aetheric energy acidless batteries, and Jenny Cells, that is, that they do NOT draw upon ambient stores of orgone energy from the local environment in our time-space world, but rather, they act as portals to another "dimension", located outside our space-time universe, where there exists a limitless sea of aetheric energy. I tend to call devices which exhibit such portal functionality by the name "active" orgone (or aetheric energy) receivers/accumulators.

In any case, based upon reports that I trust plus what I can learn on inner levels, it seems to be only the simpler and more unfocused, aka incoherent, devices which seem to be strongly affected by weather, while functional devices which are focused, stable and coherent and which exhibit very strong active orgone energy receiver/accumulator functionality seem far more immune to weather effects, except to the extent that local weather phenomena might either:
  • drain away some of the stored aetheric energy from the device
  • help to facilitate the opening of a larger portal to the other dimension which contains the sea of aetheric energy, thus rendering the AERA device temporarily more powerful / effective / efficient. And, it is well-documented that some devices in the second (i.e., active) class and even, at times, a few devices in the first (i.e., passive) class can actually create or at least attract certain weather patterns, due to the accumulation by the device of significant quantities of orgone energy, which may then act to influence local weather. Witness in this regard the numerous reports of thunderstorms and/or circular holes in clouds which are claimed to tend to manifest in the skies above some functional "stage 3" Joe Cells and some Hieronymous- type Cosmic Pipes.

Q (prelude): I feel that I have finally come to the end of my journey and at the same time am still wondering what the journey is but feel that my energies would be somewhat wasted in the Joe Cell/Proton Cell arena.

A: Well, it is true that the success rate is very low in the Joe Cell arena, largely due to the youthfulness and the highly-experimental nature of the technology, partly due to the fact that is out there on the fringes and thus there is little in the way of a reliable knowledge base, and partly due to the kinda finicky or fuzzy nature of the aetheric energy which the cells are intended to receive and accumulate. Add to that the finicky nature of a water-based aetheric energy technology, and some of the personalities and wild claims (conspiracies, paranoia, grandiose claims, etc.) extant in the field, and it is a pretty wild mix.

Q (continued): I feel a strange interest in your Jenny Cell concept and I totally connect with the views you have expressed about the Joe Cell instabilities. There has got to be a better and simpler way that causes it to be more stable.

A: And yet let me be the first to remind you that it is also true that aetheric energy, aka orgone energy, is inherently far more "organic" and "fuzzy", and thus less predictable and less controllable, than electromagnetic technologies.

Q: Do you have any published instructions on how I can build a Jenny Cell?

A: No, at least not beyond what I have chosen to share on my Jenny Cell webpages and in this list group, and for the reasons iterated on my Jenny Cell webpage, and yet that somewhat limited level of disclosure has apparently been quite sufficient for a good number of researchers -- almost all of them to date persons who had already spent at least one year playing with Joe Cell technologies with at least some modest level of success -- to create their own successful replications of Jenny Cells. I have already related here some of the tales reported to me by one such researcher, who calls his version of the dry cell a "Guiseppe Cell". And, from the reports that I receive, a number of intuitives/clairsentients have also had an easy time replicating the technology in a workable form.

On the other hand, this is a very young and experimental field, and no one is trying to claim that any of the experimental technologies in this realm are any more than that; in other words, no one (well, except for a few small embay vendors) is claiming that they are off-the-shelf plug-n-play consumer technologies. In fact, if the history of technological innovations is any indicator, I would bet that it will be at least 25 years, if ever, before any of these aetheric energy technologies are EVER marketed successfully by anyone as an off-the-shelf plug-and-play consumer technology. The Joe Cell technology has been around since 1941 (and since the 1920s in related forms) and it has still not yet matured and stabilized to the point where it can be marketed as a stable and reliable off-the-shelf plug-and-play consumer technology.

Q postscript: I saw the prices for your prototypes and I unfortunately do not have that kind of means.

A: The POP prototypes are made available for folks who do NOT want to go through their own learning curve of fabricating a Jenny Cell, and rather, wish to have a POP prototype Jenny Cell with which to experiment and play. While I have witheld some proprietary details, I have publicly disclosed more than enough information about the technology to allow any serious and sincere and well-qualified reseearcher in this field to be able to construct their own functional solid-state Jenny Cell, and indeed, at least three of my colleagues and acquaintances have already successfully done so, using only information on the Jenny Cell technology which I have publicly disclosed.

Q postscript: I would really like to build one for experimentation and just need to be pointed in the right direction.

A: I hope the above information helps. You may wish to spend more time reading my etheric energy page and my Jenny Cell pages for more info.

Q: Your site says things like Typical Setting/Application - legend: A=Automotive H=Household L=Laboratory C=Aetheric Energy charging WT=Water charging SR=Small Room. Do you preset these applications? Is this like programmed in?

No, they are not preset, and rather, the letters simply represent the applications that I feel that each size/model device may be best suited for, but in reality, each model may be used for any application that you desire, including applications which I have not listed. So, any of these models may be used for a number of purposes, but bearing in mind the caveat that since the Jenny Cells (both Type I and type II) ARE aetheric energy devices, the following caveat that is true of ALL aetheric energy devices, including Joe Cells, applies:

Not only does it take an aetheric energy device a couple of months to reach full power after being built, but it can take a particular environment or setting (i.e., your office, shop, living room, a toolshed/shop shed in the backyard, a car, an engine, etc.) anywhere from a month to a year to become fully "charged" or impregnated with aetheric energy, as aetheric energy "moves" only very slowly in our world. This is why less than one percent of Joe Cell experimenters seem to ever have any success in creating aetheric energy with their Joe Cells, and why, even for the few Joe Cells which are successful, it usually takes from 3 months to 1.8 years for their first Joe Cell to start working, and why, when these experimenters place their working/charged Joe Cell in a car or truck (that is, only a car or truck manufactured prior to 1994 that does not have electronic fuel injection or electronic engine computer and which allows ignition timing to be adjusted; this is not possible with cars and trucks manufactured after 1994), it usually takes from 3 months to 2 years before any improvements in fuel mileage and/or engine power are noticed.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to bear in mind that these devices (as is true of all of my experimental prototype devices) are NOT off-the-shelf consumer commodities such as a microwave oven or telephone or cell phone, and rather, they are ONLY proof-of-principle (PoP) prototype devices offered ONLY to experimenters and researchers for experimental use. So, unlike a consumer commodity device such as a refrigerator or telephone, these are PoP prototype devices for experiments, and thus there are no effects or applications which are promised or guaranteed, and the reality is that any given prototype device or model may or may not yield certain effects under the conditions in which you may try to use them. So, again, I find it very important to stress that these are experimental prototype devices offered to researchers and experimenters only, and only for experimental use. Lastly, I need to once again remind you that all etheric energy devices work only slowly, due to the "slowness" and "stickiness" of aetheric energy in our space-time world, as I mentioned in an earlier section of this email.

Q: Can I change the application of a Jenny Cell later? Lets say, can I transfer the Jenny Cell Type I from one automobile, to another automoble? From my home to lab? From lab to shop? Am I stuck using it just one place for one thing?

Yes, you can change the application but since you mentioned moving a cell from one automobile to another, I am wondering if you understand the nature of these devices. Please bear in mind the following facts:
  • First, as many tens of thousands of Joe Cell experimenters and other aetheric energy experimenters have learned from many years of hard experience, aetheric energy devices such as Joe Cells and Jenny Cells (and ALL other aetheric energy devices, such as orgone boxes and charged/stacked pyramids) take anywhere from a few weeks to 2 years to reach full aetheric energy charge once built, and any particular environment (such as a car, car engine, office, lab, shop, etc.) will also, once a fully-charged aetheric energy cell has been "installed" in place, will take from a month to 2 years to become charged with aetheric energy.

  • Next, I feel that it is very important for you to understand -- as is stated clearly on my websites and list groups -- that another painful lesson that has been learned by tens of thousands of Joe Cell experimenters and other aetheric energy experimenters over the past 18 years is the simple fact that aetheric energy devices, if they will yield any improvement in fuel mileage and/or engine power at all in a fuel-powered car or truck engine, MUST be installed only in cars or trucks manufactured in 1994 or earlier, and which have a carburetor (not electronic fuel injection) and a real "old-fashioned" ignition system including rotor and rotor cap and adjustable ignition timing and which do not have lots of anti-pollution devices (since they often try to work counter to the effects of the aetheric energy) and which do NOT have an engine which is controlled by an engine computer, and, even then, improvements in fuel mileage and/or engine power are usually seen in only a modest percentage of cases in which a fully charged and functional aetheric energy cell (in the case of Joe Cells, this would mean a Joe Cell which has reached "stage 3") has been installed.

  • So, based upon the above facts, it is clear that if you wish to experiment in using a Jenny Cell in an automobile, please feel free to do so, but please understand that if you wish to maximize the chances for success of your experiments, that is, to possibly see some improvements in fuel mileage and/or engine power, then:
    • you must leave the cell in place in the same vehicle for at least six months or longer before you may see benefits (most Joe Cells, if they produce benefits for an engine, usually start to exhibit the benefits anywhere from 3 months to 2 years after first installation; reports received so far seem to indicate that Jenny Cells tend to work somewhat faster.)

    • any attempts to constantly switch the cell between vehicles or between a vehicle and your home, shop or lab, will only interrupt and delay the slow process of "charging" or conditioning the vehicle and engine with aetheric energy and will drastically decrease chances for ever seeing improvements in fuel mileage and/or engine power during your experiments.

    • you must install the cell only in a car or truck manufactured prior to 1994 and where its engine is equipped with a carburetor and a real "old-fashioned" ignition system including rotor and rotor cap and adjustable ignition timing and which do not have lots of anti-pollution devices (since they often try to work counter to the effects of the aetheric energy) and which do NOT have an engine which is controlled by an engine computer.

    • while it IS entirely possible to mount a Joe Cell or Jenny Cell in a post-1994 motor vehicle which is equipped with an engine/anti- pollution computer, electronic ignition and electronic fuel injection, the experience of thousands of experimenters using Joe Cells and other aetheric energy cells over the past 16 years has shown that installing aetheric energy cell in such latter-day cars -- where the ignition timing cannot be advanced (normally, for an aetheric energy device such as a Joe Cell to yield benefit in a motor vehicle after the aetheric energy break-in/conditioning period, the ignition timing must be advanced at least 40 degrees) and where the engine pollution control computer will mistakenly try to neutralize any benefits -- has shown that such installations rarely ever yield any observed improvement in fuel mileage and/or engine power, unless the engine (i.e., fuel injection, ignition system, engine computer and pollution control sensors) is modified drastically, and, unfortunately, such modifications are not only very expensive but are also in violation of federal law. Further, I have received reports from a number of Joe Cell experimenters who have tried installing Joe Cells on post-1994 cars and trucks that they actually witnessed a DECREASE in fuel mileage and/or engine power, simply due to the fact that the programming of the engine computer actually worked AGAINST any effects exhibited by the aetheric energy cell.

    • lastly, as many tens of thousands of Joe Cell experimenters and other etheric energy experimenters have learned over the years, and as I have recounted on my websites and list groups, there are NUMEROUS other largely-uncontrollable variables which also affect performance of aetheric energy cells (and of engines in vehicles in which they are installed.) These largely-uncontrollable variables in aetheric energy cell effectiveness and performance include the region in which you live, the hemisphere of the world in which you live, how near you live to the north or south pole of the earth, local weather patterns, and, very importantly, the consciousness and "energy" of the experimenter.

Q: I am seeing a product sold on the Internet for automobile engines which claims to be a solid-state version of a Joe Cell. They call it a "Fiberglass Orgone Booster Hydrogen Generator Joe Cell". They claim about 50% improvement in gas mileage. Is their device similar to your Jenny Cell technology?

 A: I have seen those ads as well; they claim from 20% to 50% improvement in gasoline mileage if you use their devices on an engine along with a Joe Cell or a hydrogen booster. Now, the title of their ad, where they use the terms "Joe Cell" and "Hydrogen Generator" is a bit misleading, because, as you will discover if you read further into their ad copy, they do not claim that their little "fiberglass" plastic orgonite booster devices are either Joe Cells or Hydrogen generators, but rather they claim that their product – when used along with an automotive Joe Cell, hydrogen generator or hydrogen booster – will help to smooth out or cohere orgone energy, in order to convert what they call "negative orgone energy" into what they call "positive orgone energy". According to their ad copy, the devices seem to consist of a small chunk of what they call "fiberglass resin" (I assume they mean polyester resin, which is often used for fiberglass repair work) in which they have embedded some small quartz crystals loosely wrapped with a coil made of copper wire. And, they claim that the plastic resin acts as "orgonite" because they have embedded metal particles in it. They claim that the orgonite plus the crystal and coil do the job of converting bad orgone energy to good orgone energy, and that this helps your engine to perform better.

What does all this mean? Well, an inspection of their photos and of their text (as cited above) shows that their devices employ neither Joe Cell technology nor hydrogen generator technology, nor – since you asked – do they employ Jenny Cell technology either. Rather, they claim that their product will clean up bad orgone energy and turn it into beneficial orgone energy, and as such, their description of their product is very similar to the description which I offer on my Coherent Space website about how my prototype Quantum Coherence (QC) electrosmog amelioration space treatment devices work, as my prototype QC technology is designed to literally convert harmful and incoherent forms of subtle energy into harmless or beneficial forms.
So, the device which you have cited is very different from Joe Cell and Jenny Cell technology in that – unlike Joe Cell and Jenny Cell technology – the vendor does not claim that their device receives and accumulates orgone energy (or, as I call it, aetheric energy), but rather, claims that their device will smooth and clean those subtle energies (including "orgone energies") which are already present in the engine compartment. It is also worth noting that the product about which you have asked employs quartz crystals and orgonite as its key components, while Joe Cells and Jenny Cells employ neither quartz crystals nor orgonite.

 And yes, while I cannot vouch for the effectiveness of the particular product about which you have asked, it does appear from a number of anecdotal reports that several of the more effective products in this category -- including even the smaller models (such as the AUTO-21 model) of my prototype Quantum Coherence devices – do seem to help to improve engine "smoothness", reduce pinging (some types of pinging, that is) and improve gas mileage. However, while, as I stated earlier, I cannot vouch for the effectiveness of the particular brand of device about which you have asked, I do find this vendor's claims of a 20% to 50% improvement in gas mileage to be somewhat high. In general, based on what I have noticed in my own experience in using my own QC subtle energy "cohering" devices, and based also upon what I have heard in anecdotal reports from others regarding the performance of both my QC devices and some of the other better such devices on the market when used in automobiles, I would suggest that it would be more reasonable to expect an improvement in gas mileage -- when using such devices -- of from 5% to 12%, and, at most, about 14% if all conditions were "perfect".

And, speaking here as a researcher and consultant in this field of cohering subtle energies, we are not sure yet why such subtle energy level cohering devices often seem to exhibit such an effect upon gas mileage. It may indeed be due to cohering the subtle energy fields around the engine, thus yielding cleaner firing of the gas-air mixture in the cylinders and overall tighter performance of the engine, or, as some folks in the field have suggested, the effect may simply be due to the effects of these cohering devices upon the driver's behavior. In other words, perhaps the devices allow the driver to operate with more "coherence" and clarity of attention, and with greater attentiveness and care, and thus this behavioral change may effect an improvement in gas mileage; we simply do not know yet.

 Again, bottom line: the device which you have cited is very different from Joe Cell and Jenny Cell technology in that it is not claimed (by the vendor) to receive and accumulate orgone energy, but rather, the vendor claims that their device will smooth and clean those subtle energies (including "orgone energies") which are already present in the engine compartment. Of course, some of my prototype Jenny Cell models, as mentioned elsewhere on this website, incorporate not only the Jenny Cell technology for receiving and accumulating aetheric energy, but also incorporate internally a version of my Quantum Coherence technology in order to ensure that any and all subtle energies in the vicinity of the Jenny Cell are rendered into a coherent or smoothed state.

 Another important bottom line item for me -- as a researcher -- is this: these technologies which we are discussing are very new technologies, still in their baby stages, and we do not know much about them yet, and much of what we do know is based upon a combination of anecdotal reports and intuitive sensing, and thus I personally feel the following:

  • that it is inappropriate for vendors to offer anything other than experimental prototypes for sale on the market
  • that it is inappropriate for vendors to offer such items as plug-n-play consumer items rather than as experimental prototypes
  • that it is inappropriate for vendors to make explicit and concrete claims for the performance of their devices

However, that is just my own opinion!

Q: Would you please explain or propose a theory as to how a Jenny Cell could influence or power an internal combustion engine?

A: First, to answer your question, we would need to first look at how Joe Cells (that is, the few Joe Cells ["JoCs"] around the world which have worked successfully as aetheric energy receivers/accumulators and the even fewer JoCs that have worked successfully in cars) seem to work in cars, because of the following reasons:

  • Joe Cells have been in use for providing "extra power" to internal combustion engines (ICEs) in any of several forms since at least the early 1940s
  • Literally at least a few tens of thousands of persons have, over the years, built Joe Cells for use with ICEs, and even though the success rate in those ventures has likely been only about one in 500, that is still a considerable installation/experience base.
  • With few and rare and highly undocumented exceptions, the only orgone/aetheric energy receivers/accumulators which have a consistent and demonstrated history of success in providing additional power (and then only rarely) to ICEs is the Joe Cell.
  • We cannot speak definitively about the Jenny Cell yet in such ICE applications because the technology is only a few months old and versions of the Jenny Cell dry solid state orgone technology have been in creation for only a few months and have been implemented by only a few researchers around the world at this time, compared to the Joe Cell, which has a 70 year history and tens of thousands of implementers (and at least a few hundred successful implementers) in the ICE realm.
As you may know already, despite the fact that I have a grad degree in the sciences and a strong undergraduate-level training in engineering and physics, I am NOT AT ALL much into theories and even less into theories and models which need to employ fancy math. I was a budding junior scientist and ham radio operator/experimenter at a very early age, literally from age six onward, and at that time both science and electronics were dominated by theories and models and lots of fancy math. I was fortunately taught at a very early age (my first guidance on the matter was received at age six) by Holy Spirit and my guides that it would be wisest to largely ignore all scientific theories (and electronic theories as well) and also to particularly ignore any theories or models which involved fancy math, as they would, of necessity, be extremely short-sighted, constricting and limiting. I realized only much later in my life the deep wisdom of what I had been told at an early age, because of the simple fact that theories and mathematics are products and tools of the human mind, and, as such, must profoundly reflect the limitations of the mind (and of words) in really being able to accurately describe the universe. Thus, from my vantage point, theories, models and mathematical equations and simulations are almost always an IMPEDIMENT when we are at the cutting edges and bleeding edges of technology and when we wish to develop new technologies on the fringes of science (what I often call "strange science"). So, when it comes to developing new and effective technologies using previously-unknown principles, from my point of view, it is near-suicide to try to use theories, models and math when creating or explaining new and emergent technologies, as to do so would immediately plunge us into the limitations of the human mind, or what spiritual traditions have called "the ego".

Instead, I feel that none of my cutting-edge technologies have EVER arisen from the study and application of the tired old theories and models of modern science and engineering, nor have they arisen from intellectually pondering the nature of reality and formulating all sorts of fancy theories. Rather, all of my weird technologies in the weird sciences have come from only one place, from that which is beyond words and beyond the concepts and limitations of the mind, from what I will call Holy Spirit. I have long surrendered myself and my entire life to Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart, and at times it is appropriate for me to slip into a deep meditative state and ask Holy Spirit, Supreme Heart and my guides what we shall do next, and at some of those times, it is suggested to me that I might wish to bring in a new technology, and it is then "downloaded" to me in an instant. Best of all, I find again and again that my past life experiences up until now, that is, my wide and varied educational background (much of it at the graduate level) in a number of fields (including psychology, theology, statistics, physics, astrophysics, psychotherapy, acupuncture, Taoist healing and Chinese traditional medicine) and my bizarrely wide and zigzag work experience (heavy equipment rigging, welding, electronics, electronics engineering, high voltage engineering, designing and maintaining massive 5 KW Tesla coils, science writing, RF design, ELF/VLF research, geophysical research, atmospheric research, clinical psychology, psychotherapy and managing clinics) over the past 36 years has been perfect, that is, it gave me the perfect background and training to be able to implement with ease the technologies which Holy Spirit chooses to pass to me.

Hardly a day goes by in my life when I am not contacted by a successful mainstream scientist or engineer or by a wannabe-but-struggling researcher in the fringe sciences, each of whom ask me the same question: "I would love to do what you do and constantly create new and bizarre but working technologies, but it just does not happen for me, despite all my efforts. How is it that I have been trying at this for fifteen years and have never come up with one working device, whereas you can come up with a half-dozen new strange science technologies every year, each of which are effective?" One example is that two such callers have told me that they worked for years to try to use permanent magnets to improve the functioning of MEOW kettles, and met only with failure, but then they had the chance to drink some of the water from one of my MEOW SM2 kettles, and they could FEEL the difference immediately; they wanted to know why they had failed in their efforts but I had succeeded in very short order. And, for one more example, an engineer who markets a line of electrosmog protection devices called me to tell me that he had spent over ten year in designing the electrosmog protection products in his company's lineup and that a week ago he had been loaned one of my small Quantum Coherence devices by an associate, and he reported that that he could feel instantly that my little device was far more powerful than his heavily-advertised devices; he wanted to know how I had been able to come up with such an effective technology when he and his technicians had been unable to do so for over 15 years.

I usually respond that aside from any basic differences in abilities or differences in what Highest Self, Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart want each of us to be doing with our lives, I feel that the really BIG factors are these two:

1) That I have entirely surrendered my entire life and all my activities -- including ALL aspects of financial support and other resources -- to Highest Self, Supreme Heart and Holy Spirit, and simply do whatever those aspects of Divinity ask me to do. Yes, that involves taking what might seem to many to be incredible risks, as it means willingness to go entirely "out on a limb", with no visible or predictable means of support. There is only surrender to Divinity; there is no ambition, there is no drive to save the world, there is no drive to make lots of money or to become famous or become rich. In fact, there is not drive at all; if asked by Holy Spirit to do so, I could easily drop all this work right this moment and never return to it; I have no compulsions and no needs in this area. There is simply the willingness to surrender to the Ease and Grace of Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart and have fun. No more, no less. I remind most of those who contact me with the afore-mentioned question/complaint that they have obviously not yet slipped into such surrender, that they instead keep themselves very busy worrying about and working at financial survival, physical survival, making lots of money or becoming famous. And I remind them that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing, but, on the other hand, if they insist upon keeping themselves so busy, so immersed in the struggles of the outer world, then they will NEVER be able to hear the voice and guidance of Holy Spirit, Supreme Heart, Highest Self and their angels.

2) I remind them that they are still TOTALLY immersed in the worlds of theories and models and mathematics, trying to invent new technologies based upon cogitation of their supposed cutting-edge theories and models. And, I go on to tell them, since they did ask me, that the only way of which I am aware of actually being able to successfully create new technologies on the edges of the fringe sciences is by entirely letting go of all theories, all models, all math, and instead being willing to surrender into the Cloud of Unknowing, into the Void, into Point Zero, where all that one needs to know is immediately given to one, but it is given not in the form of theories and models and mathematical equations, and not in a bunch of fancy words, but rather as KNOWING, as pure KNOWING of just what to do, what to build, what to create. Do you notice that there is no room here for analysis, for cogitation, for intellectual musing, for theories and words and mathematics? There is only room here for KNOWING and doing. In fact, if they STILL do not get what I am telling them, I often go into my three-minute lecture about the demonstrated futility of theories and models on the bleeding edges of the fringe sciences to actually yield working models of new technologies. I have reproduced much of that lecture as an essay below... An Essay on the Demonstrated Futility of Using Theories and Models to Create New Technologies on the Edges of Knowledge. There are some basic principles in the sciences which say, in effect, that a theory or model in the technological realms is not of much value at all unless it can meet both of the following conditions:
  • explain all observed phenomena in that realm easily and simply, without violating the rule of Occam's Razor
  • that theory must allow one to successfully create new technologies and applications based upon the theory.
I am often contacted by scientists and engineers who have, over the years, moved their focus from the mainstream sciences to the wild and wooly edges of the sciences, a realm often known as fringe science or strange science. They usually mention to me that they have discovered my articles via the web, and they ask me if they may take a minute of my time to ask me a question or two of a general nature. They then proceed to tell me that they have been struggling for many years to produce/create new technologies in the fringe sciences, but without success. They then proceed to tell me that they are really puzzled at their failure, as they have assiduously uncovered all the latest and most radical theories in the fringe sciences and have studied these somewhat-forbidden theories to no end, but still have not been able to create any working technologies based upon those theories. They then give me a brief litany of the cutting-edge radical theories they have embraced in their search, citing theories and models from of cutting-edge "quantum" theorists such as Messiah Twain (aka Millennium Twain), Russell Moon, Randell Mills (Blacklight Power, hydrinos), R. N. Boyd, Dr. Hideo Seki (Gravitonics, Japan), Dr. Shinichi Seiki (gravity waves, Japan) and from old standbys such as Viktor Schauberger and a few others.

It is at this juncture that I pause and smile. I slowly ask my callers to consider each of the theorists whom they have named. I then ask them if ANY of these theorists and their followers and disciples have EVER been able to create a working fringe science technology based upon their theories, that is, a working proof of principle (PoP) prototype? The short answer is "NO"! Let me repeat that for effect: A resounding NO! So, then I ask my callers WHY in heck they are blindly trying to mine the wisdom of the universe, the heart of God, by engaging in endless robotic mental masturbation over silly theories, rather than simply going to Source, to Holy Spirit, to Supreme Hear, and getting REAL KNOWLEDGE? And, at this point I remind them that they had mentioned to me several times during our call that they much admire Nikola Tesla and his works. Well, I remind them, consider the fact that Tesla, who was a prolific inventor and creator, NEVER created anything based upon theories, and in fact, he was NOT a theorist. Rather, like me, he ignored theories, both the old ones and the cutting-edge fad theories, and he simply went to Source, to Point Zero, to Holy Spirit, to God, and he came back with the KNOWLEDGE of what to do next in his laboratory. It is about KNOWING, not about trying to apply theories. It is about surrender; it is not about trying to figure things out.

So, the short and the long answer is that I do not put much stock in theories or in mathematics; they are ultimately limiting. Rather, I KNOW and I DO. And yes, I am sometimes given on an inner level a vision of how a given technology works, but a brief visual does not a theory make. For example, I mentioned once while giving a lecture on MEOW technology on an international alchemy/ormus teleconference call that I had once been shown in a vision from Holy Spirit that the magnetite and the other ormus compounds present in the sand in a MEOW kettle act as receivers of a type of FTL (faster-than-light) exotic energy, and that as they capture this energy, a kind of field is focused on the water in the bottle in the center of the kettle, where tens of thousands of tiny points of "white light" wink into existence every second, like fireflies, acting as brief portals to allow nearly infinitesimal amounts of "proto-matter" (aka "baby ormus atoms") to emerge into the water from another "dimension". In the days and weeks following my lecture and my mention of this insight, I was contacted by over a dozen fellow researchers in the strange sciences who told me that my description of the process had resonated very strongly for them, and that they too had been given incredibly similar insights about how the MEOW process and some related ormus-creation processes work. However, and here we come to the point which I wish to make, while we appreciated this insight, neither they nor I got hung up on these insights and tried to make them into THEORIES. Rather, we found, when comparing notes, that we NEVER created our new technologies from theories, but rather from going deep into Holy Spirit and then KNOWING and DOING. No theories. No room for theories. As one of my Rinzai Zen masters useta say back in the 1980s: "Just BE! No think, just DO!".

So, if your interest lies in developing new technologies on the bleeding edge of the fringe sciences, the key is to go deep and to KNOW to DO. It is NOT about buying more books on quantum physics, nor about spending another $300 on the latest compendium of cutting-edge articles on theories of cold electricity nor buying the latest $600 compendium of articles on scalar waves, nor about watching endless DVD videos of talking faces lecturing on free energy theories.

So, How do Orgone/Aetheric Energy Devices Assist Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs)?
Please bear in mind that what I am about to share here is not a model or a theory, but rather, just a brief visual insight which was a gift from Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart. Here is my vision of how a functional Joe Cell or a Jenny Cell assists the performance of an ICE; the language will of necessity be imprecise and fuzzy, because language often does a poor job at conveying WHAT IS, and rather, at best can deliver only a poor approximation of WHAT IS. Please also bear in mind that there exists about three dozen different kinds or types of exotic energies, sometimes called subtle energies. For the purposes of the Joe Cell/Jenny Cell discussion below, I am referencing ONLY the energy which is commonly called orgone energy, and which some of us choose to call by the name aetheric energy. It is an energy which moves only very slowly in most environments, settings and systems in our physical world, where its properties are almost glue-like at times. It is an energy which exists in a massive sea which I call the "aetheric energy" sea (and where it can propagate very rapidly) in a special inner "dimension" which is not of our physical world and which is located near, but not at, Point Zero Space. Please also realize that the vision communicated below totally violates many of the tenets of modern Western physics and of classical thermodynamics. So be it.

In an ICE which has been fully conditioned with and infused with aetheric energy (wherein said conditioning process can take from 5 weeks to over 50 weeks, dependent upon many variables), and which is burning on a combustible fuel, it appears that as the piston approaches bottom dead center (BDC) of the cylinder, a portal briefly forms in the cylinder, opening to another "dimension" or world, with the net effect of creating a small sphere of brief and total vacuum in the cylinder. The average size of the sphere --- although this is dependent upon many variables -- in a typical ICE in a motor vehicle is about 22 mm in diameter and the average lifetime -- again subject to many variables -- of the portal and the resultant vacuum sphere seems to be about 1.2 milliseconds. For the brief period that this sphere of vacuum pops into existence, it exhibits implosive power, drawing any gases remaining in the lower cylinder into it. Any gases or other matter (i.e., aerosol particles, particles, etc.) drawn into the portal immediately disappear from our universe*.

The implosive power of the portal during its brief window helps to accelerate the piston in its upward motion toward TDC and also removes a significant amount of heat and mass from the space in the lower cylinder. (This latter fact partly explains why Joe Cell-assisted engines run cooler and yet exhibt greater power.) (This does not make much sense from a conventional engineering point of view, since it appears that introducing a vacuum into the cylinder at that point would likely suck out of the cylinder some of the cold air/gas mixture which may have already been injected into the cylinder for the next firing cycle! All I can say is that sounds like a possibly valuable argument from a conventional automotive engineering point of view, but I can only report what I have been shown on an inner level! Interestingly, when I considered taking a look at a some diagrams illustrating the exact timing cycles of a typical piston engine in order to try to resolve this apparent contradiction, Holy Spirit advised me not to, as being exposed once again the conventional explanations might cause me to tend to misunderstand or misinterpret some of what I had been shown on an inner level.) What triggers the brief appearance of the portal? It seems to be largely a combination of absolute pressure (P) and delta-P.

What I have related above is all that I am asked by Holy Spirit to share at this time about my observations on an inner level of the effects of orgone receiver/accumulator devices upon ICEs. Please do not confuse it with a theory or even with a model. Rather, it is only a casual description, nothing more.

*footnote: this matter seems to emerge almost instantaneously into another "dimension", something which feels like a "young universe", where this matter emerges from a "fountain" which is ejecting "hot" matter into this alternate universe.

Different Types of Subtle Energy
While the above description of how Joe and Jenny Cells affect ICE's, is, to the best of my knowledge, true for aetheric energy receivers/accumulators used on ICEs, this is not the mechanism or effect exhibited by other types of subtle energy devices which can also, at times, improve fuel mileage and increase engine power. For example, I sometimes receive inquiries from folks who remind me that my Quantum Coherence (QC) devices, when installed in a car, seem to improve gasoline mileage by anywhere from 5% to 13% and to strongly reduce pinging; they proceed to ask me if the QC device is also an "orgone" (aka aetheric energy) receiver/accumulator. My response, of course, is that this is not at all true, and rather, the apparent mechanism of action of the QC device whereby it seems to improve engine mileage and reduce pinging seems to lie entirely in its ability to smooth or cohere many types of noise across a number of types of subtle energies, including orgone energy, and that this reduction in noise and increase in what I call "quantum subspace coherence" seems to yield a more coherent and complete and hotter burn of the fuel/air mixture in some engines under some conditions. So, the QC device is not receiving or accumulating orgone energy or any other type of subtle energies, and rather, it is drastically reducing noise and incoherence of many types of subtle energies and introducing coherence, and by so doing, it may at times, in some vehicles under some conditions.

Likewise, I have developed another subtle energy technology called the Sophie Cell, and it seems to have the potential to improve fuel mileage and increase engine power. While it acts as a receiver and accumulator of a subtle energy, the energy is not at all orgone energy, which travels very slowly in our universe, but rather a faster-than-light (FTL) exotic energy which accumulates much more rapidly than does orgone in an orgone accumulator. The energy field produced by the Sophie Cell, when it improves the performance of ICEs, seems to do so via an entirely different mechanism than that seen with orgone/aetheric energy devices. The Sophie Cell seems to bathe the engine and the vehicle in a subtle energy field which seems to result, under some conditions, in a more complete and hotter burn of the fuel/air mixture after ignition, yielding greater energy from the burn and thus greater engine power. When I ask Holy Spirit for an image of this process, I see numerous tiny points of violet light appearing in the exploding fuel/air mixture at time of ignition and these tiny points of light seem to lend energy in the form of heat (and thus further expansion of gases) to the burning mixture. Thus, the burn seems to be hotter and thus seems to yield more energy for a given quantity of fuel under some conditions.

Q: The says that a properly functioning Joe Cell powered engine works on the implosion principle just as your spirit guide showed you. This type of operation however needs to fire the spark on bottom dead center or about 90 degree advance, that is, the engine's timing needs to be adjusted. Doesn't this fact conflict with your statement that with the Jenny Cell, no adjustment to the engine is required?

A: Yes, some variation of implosion theory is quite popular across many sectors of the JoC world, but most of the theories propose that the implosion occurs when the piston is near TDC, sometimes just on the heels of the explosion of the gas/fuel mix, if gas was still used in the engine.

And yes, it is true that many in the JoC world believe that for the fuel-powered engine-assist mode (called "shandy mode" by the "Aussies") of the JoC to work, and for the no-fuel/JoC-only mode to work, the spark timing absolutely MUST be advanced at least 80 to 90 degrees, and many also caution that this will not work with fuel-injected engines and that rather a carburetor must be present. However, for the employment of a JoC in the assist (aka shandy) mode, it has been demonstrated repeatedly and to my satisfaction by a number of JoC researchers and also seen/confirmed on an inner level by intuitives and clairsentients (including myself) that a JoC or other aetheric energy accumulator/receiver will indeed exhibit very significant "assist" effects even in an engine where the spark timing has not been advanced at all, and also on fuel-injected engines. This is an important distinction, because on most modern automobile engines since about 1995, it is impossible to adjust spark timing (there is no conventional rotor-equipped distributor running off a shaft from the crankshaft or camshaft) and all are fuel-injected and thus lacking a carburetor. However, it does appear that the "assist" advantage can become even greater if the JoC assist mode is employed on an engine where the timing can indeed be advanced from 70 to 90 degrees.

A researcher whom I visited during a field trip to the Rockies is running his JoC in assist mode on a 1973 pickup truck, and he has advanced the timing as far as it will go, which is about 80 to 90 degrees.

Q: Is it true that an all-aluminum engine can acclimate to a Joe Cell in a few hours while a cast iron engine may take anywhere from two weeks to four months?

A: Some folks are claiming this, but it must be remembered that the "in-car" or "near-engine" acclimation or conditioning period is only one tiny chunk of the total conditioning/acclimation period for a new JoC built/installed in a new environment (i.e., shop or lab) and that by far the greatest chunk of the total conditioning/accumulation/acclimation period almost always seems to be the initial "charging" period for the JoC itself, when the experimenter has first fired up a JoC and is trying to coax it to reach "stage 3", as it is in this period that they are charging/conditioning the device itself and their local environment. Experience and numerous reports from the JoC world have shown that this initial cell/environment charging period may take anywhere from 3 months to 1.5 years, and, in many situations, it does not happen at all, due to any of a number of variables.

Q: Can you comment on the theory that the water around a car's cylinders is the coupling medium for a Joe Cell?

A: Some JoC experimenters have even gone so far as to claim that a JoC will not work with air-cooled engines, that the water in the cooling water jacket is a necessary coupling medium, but proof for this theory seems to be lacking. One of the big problems with the JoC world, due to the technology used and to the nature of orgone/aetheric energy, is that only about one out of 300 to one out of a thousand folks who try to build a Joe Cell ever get it to work, that is, to produce energy to the point that they can demonstrate "stage 3" or other orgone phenomena, such as engine assist, and so the playing field is very very small.... And also filled with lots of hoaxsters and liars. This muddies the waters a lot...

Q: From what I have read, you can tell that the Joe Cell is starting to work when the engine starts to run rough and you have to advance the spark. That seems to be a physical reaction to a sub atomic event. I wonder if that can be engineered into a measurement protocol with inspiration from your guides?

A: Well, let us be honest here... fewer than one in 800 JoC researchers -- and perhaps even far fewer than that number -- ever get to the point where their JoC will affect an engine. And then yes, some -- but not all -- claim that the engine will run rough at that point, which will be an indicator that it is best to advance the timing to take greatest advantage of the JoC "assist" effect. However, you often see the word "run rough" emerge in the JoC field, as many JoC researchers will, from the moment that they have installed a JoC in their vehicle, immediately advance the timing until the engine starts to run rather rough when running on fuel. In fact, the JoC researchers who have functional "assist" JoCs in their vehicles all did it that way!

Also, a very tiny number of JoC users claim to have not only used the JoC in an assist mode, but as the sole source of power for an ICE in a motor vehicle. Among these few persons who claim to have successfully accomplished this feat, a few have claimed that they were able to disconnect the HV ignition wires and spark entirely, and that the engine continued to run. ...just thought you might wish to ponder this strange claim of "no ignition spark at all" a bit! (See the next question below for more on this point.)

This matter of using conventional Western equipment to demonstrate qualitatively or quantitatively the presence of orgone is not important to me, and thus I have never tried to make something work in that realm. Rather, my interests at this point regarding aetheric energy lie elsewhere, as I have mentioned before; my main interest here lies NOT in making engines run more efficiently on fuel via orgone assist, but rather in health applications (and in creating a portal which will allow me to safely return the ten stranded hottie female Daleks who are currently living in my lab back to their own time and space....) I will, however, try to share any relevant insights which come through from Holy Spirit and from my guides and angels (and from Daffy Duck...)

And, if the truth be told, as several members of the Joe Cell list groups have recently reminded me when they have contacted me privately, I have already made -- if only accidentally -- some contributions in that area via the publication of my report on my extensive testing of the spent cell juice from Danae's cell. Apparently no one had ever gotten that far in the past using conventional Western lab gear to study cell juice.

Q: No ignition spark?? (See mention above.) How can that work? How would you turn the engine off? Does the throttle control the speed? This is getting stranger and stranger.

A: Yes, it DOES get stranger and stranger. In fact, despite my obvious lifelong interest in exotic energies (i.e., not just orgone/aetheric energy but many other exotic energies as well, including FTL energies), I studiously avoided delving much into the JoC world for many years. Why? I avoided the field not so much because of the strangeness (because, in fact, in reality I LOVE strange science...!) , but rather, because of the conflicting tales, conflicting claims, the obviously-false claims (made by certain JoC experimenters/claimants) , and the rampant prevalence of high-levels of paranoia and ego in the field; it was just too distasteful. Distasteful as in "yuck"! However, starting about a year ago, at about the same time that Holy Spirit and my guides and angels (and Daffy Duck) started telling to get back into the ormus field, I also started to receive nudgings telling me that it would be a good idea for me to start doing some work with aetheric energy, and even, as a preliminary to that work, to spend a bit of time studying the JoC field in greater depth. Luckily, without any effort on my part, I was quickly led to several top-notch and sincere (and non-psychotic, which is a bit of a rarity in this field!) research colleagues in the field, each of whom was actively working with powerful aetheric energy receivers/accumulators (aka AERA), and each of whom was successfully employing working aetheric energy AERAs such as JoCs and Al Sinclair-type AERAs to charge water, charge nutritional supplements, act in the assist mode in powering ICEs in motor vehicles, and/or in their labs. In fact, in the eight months preceding the time (late December 2007) at which I am writing this note , I have visited several such colleagues, and gotten to see first-hand their working devices and even been taken for a very impressive test ride in a truck powered by a JoC in the assist (aka "shandy") mode. Better, as time passed and word of my work spread, I began to be contacted by some of the long-term researchers in the mainstream JoC world, who shared their own insights and their experiences.

Incidentally, several of the above-mentioned researchers have since started playing with solid-state dry aetheric energy AERAs, i.e., with Jenny Cells. In fact, based just on the somewhat limited but still plentiful information which I have revealed in public about the technology, several of these researchers have already built functional Jenny Cells and are contacting me regularly with updates on progress (with the Jenny Cells) about which they feel very excited. One researcher has already provided independent validation of my observations of anomalous voltages and current flow from Jenny Cell prototypes.

And now, proceeding to your specifc questions, how can that work?

Well, for the very few folks who claim to have operated an ICE entirely on a JoC, and whose tales are likely at least somewhat believable, the general belief in the JoC world is that some kind of "implosion" happens at the time of the spark ignition (which MUST be 90 to 100 degrees advanced of normal spark timing) and that this somehow powers the pistons. As some wags have pointed out, from a logical and automotive engineering point of view, there are some contradictions inherent in most versions of this explanation. 

How would you turn the engine off? Does the throttle control the speed? Many people in the JoC have asked the same questions upon hearing these reports, and the general answers seems to be:

The engine still responds to the operation of the ignition switch, and yes, the throttle still controls speed, but almost always, the throttle is reported to be very "sensitive" and "touchy" when in such mode, and it is also reported that the entire vehicle may grind to a halt, engine dead, if the operator/driver or someone else nearby is in a foul mood or in the event of certain weather phenomena. (Strangely, most of the reports seem to indicate that wet weather and thunderstorms help to facilitate the process rather dramatically, in direct contrast to reports about orgone accumulators and wet weather from the mainstream orgone world...)

Q: I understand from Viktor Schauberger that implosion is a much more powerful force than explosion, do you agree?

A: Viktor did state something along those lines and also that implosion is a more innate and more "natural" force in the universe than is explosion or expansion. Speaking from an intuitive vantage point, I do not necessarily agree with that claim! I believe that Marcel Vogel made similar statements in the last ten years of his life, but unfortunately, according to most reports, it was during those same ten years that he apparently became more and more of a charlatan and a huckster.

Q: Have you gotten measurements for your car yet regarding improvement in gas mileage?

My primary "goal" (that is, the direction which is most fun for me and closest to my heart and concomitantly the direction in which I am being nudged by Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart [and Daffy Duck]) in working with these technologies is to explore applications in the realms of human health, ranging from direct field treatment of tissues [see footnote 1] to charging of water and other liquids (such as SAM (syntropic antioxidative microbes) brews)), and thus I have not yet installed either a Jenny Cell nor a Sophie Cell in my car. In fact, while I have (in recent weeks) completed fabrication of the prototype automotive Jenny Cell and the prototype automotive Sophie Cell destined for installation in my car, I have deliberately held off from installing them in my car because I first wanted to continue to log "uncontaminated" fuel mileage data from the ScanGaugeII computer in my car regarding the apparent fuel mileage benefits of the strange engine/oil treatment which I initiated just one month ago. I have since completed my measurements in that realm (incidentally, the improvement in fuel mileage from the aforementioned strange engine treatment was from 12% to 14%, and I will shortly be sending a post to this list group and to my Exotic Energies list group detailing observed results/effects of that treatment, along with more information on the treatment.)

Thus, since (as of January 22, 2008) I have not yet installed either a Jenny Cell nor a Sophie Cell in my car yet, I am not yet in a position to report upon observed results. However, now that my fuel mileage and other measures of the effects of the aforementioned strange engine treatment are complete, I will shortly -- as soon as the weather warms a bit (! ! ! :-) ! ! ! !) -- be installing the prototype automotive Type I Jenny Cell and the prototype automotive Sophie Cell in my car, the former to be mounted in the engine compartment (sole connection is hookup of two wires to the 12 volt DC bus/ground to provide the required DC bias voltage) and the latter to be mounted in the trunk. Once I have installed both devices, any effects due to presence of the Sophie Cell should become apparent within short order, since the energies and fields involved do not exhibit the "lag time" seen with aetheric energy technologies, while any effects due to the presence of the Jenny Cell should become apparent within two to five months, once the cell itself has become fully charged with aetheric energy (it was only completed last week and is currently at a charge level of 11%) and once the engine has become fully charged with aetheric energy. In fact, in order to speed up the aetheric energy charging process for the prototype automotive Jenny Cell, which is currently sitting on a bench in my lab, I yesterday increased the DC bias voltage to 350 VDC from the 9 VDC levels which I had been using for the previous week. BTW, I have also completed a Type II prototype automotive Jenny Cell which is also destined for eventual installation in my car, but I would prefer to hold off on installing it for at least a few months, so as not to entirely confound observations of possible effects due to the installation of the other two devices.

So, I plan to install both devices in my car within the next couple of weeks. I will hopefully be able to share some observations on effects of the Sophie Cell within one month of installing it in the car, and to share some observations on effects of the Type I Jenny Cell (remember here that I will NOT be adjusting or modifying ignition timing, fuel injection parameters or engine ECS parameters/sensors at all) within three to seven months of first installing it in the car. BTW, I have also completed fabrication of a Type II prototype automotive Jenny Cell which is also destined for eventual installation in my car, but I would prefer to wait a few months before installing that one.

footnote #1: I have recently completed the aetheric energy/exotic energy water charger which I had been fabricating for the past six months; this is the device which will treat sealed bottles of water or other liquids in a treatment lasting under one minute. The device measures one foot by two feet in width and stands 18 inches high, and is intended to charge bottled water (placed on a treatment platform within the device) with specially-modulated aetheric energy and three other exotic energies, each "modulated" with several exotic healing "frequencies" . This device also bears an output port which allows the complex field/signal created by the device to be shunted to a nearby "regeneration chamber", measuring 7 feet high and containing two large stainless steel hemispheric "antennas" at top and bottom, in which a person may stand for a treatment. Incidentally, I have received guidance on an inner level and from several colleagues who are intuitives that this full-body chamber will likely exhibit the healing and regeneration effects which could have/would have been exhibited by the Integratron -- had it ever been completed -- that aerospace engineer George Van Tassel had started to build in the California desert before his death back in the 1950s and 1960s. I will be posting more information about this device, along with a photo or two, on my exotic energies website shortly and will announce any such updates on these list groups.

Q: I found mention of Viktor Schaubeger and the implosion theory at and the necessity of obtaining "juvenile" water from a flowing spring. Do you agree juvenile water is required to build a successful working Joe Cell?

A: The "juvenile water" theory is particularly big among some of the Aussies. There are plenty of folks who have gotten JoCs to stage 3 without use of juvenile water, that is, spring water, so this is at least partly a myth.

Q: I found some interesting and seemingly good information on Joe Cells at One of the statements the author makes is that a successfully charged Joe Cell will have a pH change. Does that seem to agree with your testing of the spent Joe Cell solution?

A: Yes, however, the pH shift is not constant and predictable. Depending upon many variables, including the type of water used for starting and whether it was doped with ormus materials, the final pH may be acid, may be neutral or it may be alkaline, as in the case of the cell juice which I tested. What is somewhat more of a constant that we can state with some certainty is that most "conditioned" and charged JoC liquid which has reached the so-called stage 3 will be yellowish or yellow-greenish, and, when subjected to the Tyndall test, will exhibit massive quantities of suspended colloidal particles which are the primary source of the coloration. And, such finished liquid will often exhibit somewhat of a slippery or soapy feel. While some folks in the field have tried to claim that finished JoC juice will also exhibit a rather strongly negative ORP, such as an ORP in the range of -200 to -500 mv, this seems to be more common with the high-ormus JoC juices, and there also exist plenty of batches of cell juice from successful cells -- that is, juice which has reached "stage 3" -- which exhibit an ORP in the range of 300 mv to 550 mv.

Q: You did a very detailed report on "spent" Joe Cell juice, what does "active" Joe Cell juice test like?

The appeal of testing spent Joe Cell juice from a proven working aetheric energy cell such as Danae's is that the juice has been in active service as an active aetheric energy transducer for many weeks or months, and is thus believed to be far more infused with aetheric energy and related properties than is freshly-charged Joe Cell juice. Besides, freshly-charged JoC juice is an unknown proposition, as the juice has never yet proven its mettle by having been in active service. This is an important point when it comes to JoC juice, since the JoC world is one where only one out of perhaps 800 JoC experimenters ever even gets to the point where their JoC juice appears to be aetherically charged (many never even successfully complete the earlier prerequisite but ambiguously - defined stages of cleaning, priming and conditioning), and where it can take many weeks or months of effort to produce one successful one liter batch of charged JoC juice. It is also a world where success with a previous batch of JoC juice does not mean that the next batch will turn out charged and workable. In fact, even highly seasoned JoC aetheric energy veterans such as Dane Harding report that at least 45% of the batches of charged JoC juice which she attempts to make end up being failures; after all is said and done, they simply will not act as aetheric energy transducers. In the case of Robert, the man from whom Danae had originally learned the technology, most of his batches of juice are reported to have been failures, and even when he came up with a working charged batch, its useful lifetime was only a few days to a couple of weeks before it died. In fact, due to this factor and a number of other "fuzziness" and "unreliability" factors surrounding the JoC, even Danae's son Vernon Roth announced over a year ago that he had entirely abandoned working with Joe Cells and instead had moved on to more reliable and robust aetheric energy technologies (no details are yet available of what those technologies are, and his presentation at the Tesla Society convention thingie in SLC in mid-2007 raised more questions than it answered.)

In addition to all the above-listed highly relevant points, there is also a secondary factor which strongly influenced why I tested spent Joe Cell juice and not fresh active JoC juice. That is the simple fact that fresh, working and fully-charged Joe Cell juice is extremely rare in the aetheric energy world and is literally worth its weight in gold. In fact, Danae has told me that for her to make one successful one-liter-plus batch of JoC juice, it takes her 3 days of constant work and effort from the time she starts to mix the ormus-rich alkaline ash and the ormus-rich mineral ore (see footnote 1) with water, including subjecting the ormus-doped water to high voltages and currents in a Joe Cell mounted inside a special pressurized kettle which is pressurized to over 750 psi. And, if you add the time it takes her to prepare the alkaline ash and to collect/harvest and transport the sacred soft white ore which she uses as the ormus-rich dopants/electrolytes, you must add another three days of labor per batch to the equation.

BTW, the main differences between the spent JoC juice which I tested and fully-charged and active JoC juice is that most values/scores (i.e., pH, EC, TDS, viscosity, surface tension) remain about the same as reported, but the few values and realms which displayed highly anomalous results (i.e., ORP, persistency of negative values of ORP, apparent radiation quenching, etc.) tend to display even more extreme and anomalous results.

footnote 1: please bear in mind that not all Joe Cell/aetheric energy researchers deliberately dope their water with ormus-rich compounds from plant and mineral sources when making JoC juice, but some, such as Danae and Robert and a few of my other associates, choose to do so. And, the bizarre truth of the matter is even those JoC experimenters who claim that they only start with pure rainwater or pure springwater, well, by the time they have completed the lengthy process of cleaning, priming and conditioning their JoC juice, they have imparted important ormus-rich properties and compounds to the water, as witnessed by the yellow to green color (r=~0.97) of the finished water and its soapy/slippery feel (r=~0.66) and by certain other characteristics (i.e., Tyndall test score, etc.).

Q: How do you measure the output of the Jenny Cell?

A: No one has ever found a really reliable, robust and repeatable method of measuring the orgone/aetheric energy accumulation in a Joe Cell or Jenny Cell, orgone box or orgone accumulator using conventional Western-type scientific instruments. While some have claimed that Hieronymous-type radionic instruments may be used for such measures, the fact remains that those devices are really just dowsing devices (and are also subject to all kinds of operator error), and thus cannot qualify as Western scientific measuring instruments. Some have claimed that an "orgone meter" as devised by Wilhelm Reich will reliably measure this particular type of exotic energy, but even Reich's books and articles indicate that the device, really just a flyleaf electrostatic field electrometer, was at best a rather poor detector of orgone energy. Some folks nowadays have tried to claim that modern orgone meters, which usually employ a meter and solid state IC circuitry to detect small changes in the conductivity (aka dissipation) of a dielectric in a capacitor due to an incident orgone field, or alternatively measure small changes in capacitance of a capacitor due to incident orgone field, but many researchers and experimenters in the Joe Cell world and the orgone worlds report that the real-world performance of these meters to date leaves something to be desired! You may have noticed in my article on my analysis of the spent juice from a Joe Cell that I believe that there exists some evidence that orgone energy may reduce the levels of background (ionizing) radiation from nearby objects by about 10% to 28%, but I am still investigating that.... it is a work in progress... There may also be a modest effect upon the ORP of water from incident orgone field, but much more work needs to be done before I can say anything for sure. And, unfortunately, such remote field effect changes on ORP due to orgone energy can never become a primary means of measuring/assaying presence and levels of aetheric/orgone energy, because my own research also indicates that the ORP of water is sensitive not only to aetheric energy, but also to at least five other types of subtle energy as well and so, ORP change in water is a kinda broadband "shotgun" measure at best. It also seems to me, so far, that incident orgone energy changes the signature of the UV-VIS-NIR absorption spectra of water as assayed on a spectrophotometer, but much more work remains to be done to quantify any such effect.

So, bottom line is that at this point, most folks measure presence and levels of orgone/aetheric energy by any of the following esoteric means:
* intuitive sensing
* dowsing
* clairvoyance
* clairsentience
* channeling information from Daffy Duck on the Other Side (my favorite!) :-)

Q: Do Jenny Cells produce a reading on a Geiger counter?

A: No, other than my above-referenced preliminary finding that orgone energy may reduce levels of background radiation (that is, ionizing radiation) by a bit.

Q (humor): Now that we are all on the same page frequency wise, what frequency does the Joe Cell put out?

A: That frequency is considered to be an ultra-top-secret number which is closely guarded by the CIA, MI5 and the Jesuit overseers at the Vatican, because they know that whoever knows the exact frequency of a Joe Cell holds the key to the secrets of the universe and also the key to rule all kingdoms for all time. However, as a special favor, I took the time this morning to go into deep meditation and to reach a very deep state, whereupon I traveled to the fabled and forbidden "D" archives of Akashic Records Library, where, using my secret passcode, I accessed the akashic record files for the black ops arm of the CIA, whereupon I searched diligently for the file folder marked something akin to "CIA Ultra-Top Secret: Joe Cell Frequency" and in short order I found the relevant file as needful. Using my secret Jesuit access code which I was supposed to have returned to the Jesuit Priory in the year 1513 but never did, I accessed the information in the file. I share this information with you only in the strictest confidence. The secret frequency at which the Joe Cell operates is:


Please hold this secret and dangerous information in strictest confidence. Worlds and wars and kingdoms have been won and lost for far less!

Q humorous prelude: You are taking quite chance revealing these secrets. Thank you for making me feel so special!

A: I have paid quite dearly for my free-spirited openness. My home has been visited three times by the Men In Black and their evil reptoid reptilian cohorts since I posted that note, and they are not pleased. It is quite terrifying.

I think.....

Q: I have Hanna EC/TDS model HI98312, PWT and ORP meters plus a Twin pH meter B-213. Would these be usable for measuring EC/TDS, pH & ORP?

A: Yes, these should be fine for ORP, pH, EC and TDS measures.

Q continued: How can I test viscosity and surface tension? Can you suggest some test equipment?

A with added humor: I use several informal methods, and for formal testing, I use a Fisher Model 21 DuNuoy ring tensiometer (but the setup and calibration are way more trouble than they are worth...!), and I sometimes use independent third-party labs for these measures as well. However, let's first back out to a meta-level for a bit here:

From a metadata and metaprocess perspective, I would like to caution you that while it is nice to have lots of neat pieces of test equipment on hand for potential use in running various physical tests on Joe Cell juice, I feel that it is real important that those tests do not become a primary focus of your work, and rather, that they be an option which lurks very much in the background, and which you may, or may not, employ just rarely only after you have played with your first Joe Cell for at least three to ten months and have started getting some indication -- on some level -- that it is starting to act as an accumulator of aetheric energy. And, again from the metadata and metaprocess perspective, it is also true that there are no absolute benchmarks in the realms of EC, TDS, PH, ORP, viscosity, surface tension, etc.) which establish "good" or "bad" cell juice, and rather, any such measures remain very much secondary to more subtle and energy-based or sense-based informal measures of presence of aetheric energy.
Other good signs of when the aetheric energy has started to accumulate are as follows:
* the neighbors start reporting to you that long black limousines bearing mud-smudged government plates are parked alongside the road up and down the road from your home
* the Men In Black start knocking at your door
* strange beings which look like animated versions of humanoid figures seen in ancient Egyptian start appearing in your living room late at night
* you awaken in the morning to discover that all of your trash cans and loose trash and that of your neighbors are arranged in perfect circles on your lawn.

Q (humor): I just received my Joe Cell from waterkarz. I did not see an on off switch on the side. How do you turn it on? So much to learn.

A: In most Joe Cells in use today, such as the ones employed in day-to-day service in jumbo passenger jets by the major airlines to cut fuel consumption by 65% and to increase turbojet power by 45%, the following dictums will hold true:
* the on/off switch may be found just above the submersible DC jack
* and
* just to the CCW (from above) side of the submersible USB port
* and
* just below the LCD display which displays kilowatts of aetheric energy flow per second.
* and
* on the far side from the shiny foil "Mitsubishi Exotic Motor Works" label which appears on the front of the cell.
I hope this information helps!

The described Jenny Cell structure seems similar to a small orgone accumulator using nested tin cans, is that right?

A: Yes, both the Jenny Cells type I and type II bear some similarities to the nested-can type of orgone accumulators employed for many years around the world. And, of course, the same can also be said of the classical Joe Cell, and its close relative, the Proton Cell, namely, that they too mimic the nested-can geometry/topology. The reality is that a lot of the "magic" of ANY of these designs lies in what substance is chosen as the "dielectric", or, as I choose to call it, the "diaetheric" or "aetherolyte".

Q: In one of your many papers there was a mention that when a particular Joe cell was operating it caused radiation sickness and showed up on a Geiger Counter. I understand that they fixed the system and found aluminum to provide shielding, while lead shielding did not work. You mentioned that you thought it was neutron radiation. Would you say a few words about that?

A: There have been at least three such cases of radiation sickness -- rather well-verified from my vantage point* -- in the world of the Al Sinclair-type aetheric battery/aetheric energy charging device, and a number of such reports from the mainstream JoC world of Joe Cells "gone bad" but, from my vantage point, ALL of these latter-cited reports are VERY vague, very nebulous, very apocryphal, and not at all well-verified.

*note: In fact, I have myself spent several minutes standing immediately in front of the charging/corona discharge platform of entirely unshielded Al Sinclair-type aetheric energy charging device in a colleague's lab/shop, deliberately exposing my body to the strange radiation from the device.

Danae found aluminum, and not lead, shields radiation from her Al Sinclair-type aetheric energy device.

I initially proposed neutron radiation as a more likely and simple explanation than the vague assertions/claims which others had made of "deadly orgone", although there may well be some overlap between both entities, if they do exist in this particular instance. I proposed neutron radiation at first simply because, in classical radiation physics, lead does not provide much shielding against neutron radiation, and rather, water or aluminum are employed for shielding and/or diffusion. Also, the lack of burns on skin but evidence of deep tissue damage and bone marrow damage reported for at least two of the victims of the aetheric energy device matches to some degree the classical symptoms of neutron radiation exposure. However, I later learned from some radiation health physicist colleagues that high energy beta radiation fits the observations even far better than does neutron radiation, and this makes a lot of sense to me, and thus, my latest thinking is that the ionizing radiation in question is likely high energy beta radiation.

Q: Would you be able to suggest a type of meter for me to purchase to explore Joe Cell and other aetheric energy device radiation emissions?

A: Please remember that for most daily JoC work and for almost ANY Jenny Cell work, an ionizing radiation monitor is entirely unnecessary (although they are a lot of fun for other explorations). The radiation monitor become important tools when you are doing things which might generate what Reich called "DOR" ("deadly orgone"), such as using high voltage or significant electrical current to "move" aetheric energy, or when you are employing highly-radioactive material to stimulate orgone processes. So, for example, the Al Sinclair-type aetheric energy devices, which use high voltage to receive/accumulate and to manipulate orgone, have OFTEN been linked to tales of "radiation poisoning". There are far fewer such tales from the JoC world, and such tales would be impossible from the Jenny Cell world unless you used some highly unusual and strongly radioactive materials as your diaetheric/aetherolytic mass.

On to your question: Conventional ionizing radiation monitors use Geiger-Muller tubes, and these tubes are great at detecting alpha, beta and gamma (aka X-rays when manmade) ionizing radiation, but they cannot directly detect neutron radiation unless you place a layer of HDPE polyethylene plastic or aluminum sheet over the window of the tube to down-convert incident each neutron radiation photon into multiple photons of alpha, beta and gamma radiation, which the tube can then detect. Besides, dedicated neutron detectors are very expensive; far better to go with an inexpensive ionizing radiation monitor employing a Geiger-Muller tube.

However, you want to purchase one which has sufficient sensitivity to display a significant number of firings per minute even at normal background levels of radiation, as a less-sensitive meter, such as the old surplus WWII-era yellow "Geiger Counters" will be useless for most studies and will just sit there quietly like a lump of lard, only displaying much of a reading when someone detonates a small nuclear (aka "nuk-u-ler") explosive device nearby. And, while a portable radiation spectrometer which measures and displays all radiation in the spectrum of alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation would be even nicer, the sad news is that their price tags start at $18,000.

So, what I did when procuring ionizing radiation monitors for my lab was this: First, for the more detailed, high-resolution tests or ones where long-term PC logging and display of data would be needed, I purchased years ago from Aware Electronics ( a model RM-70 radiation meter with a digital display and a port to provide data output to a PC for logging/analysis/reporting. That has served me well, and the software package is very usable, and I would make the same choice of the RM-70, LCD-60 & software if I was making a purchasing decision now. The RM-70 is able to deliver about 12 to 30 counts per minute (CPM) for normal levels of background radiation, and that is sufficient. If you want higher sensitivity and higher CPM, the RM-80 is needed.

n.b.: for those contemplating purchasing the Aware Electronics RM-60, RM-70 or RM-80 portable radiation monitor, you will likely also wish to purchase the matching accessory called the LCD-60 display module with LCD display and optional audio clicker and battery. This enables you to use the monitor easily and effectively even when it is not hooked up to a PC. In other words, the advantage of the LCD-60 is that it allows you to use the unit as a small portable field monitor, without having to lug around a laptop PC.

Then, in the last few years, as I needed a bunch of very cheap portable radiation monitors, I stumbled upon the fact that several Russian vendors were selling high-quality portable "Geiger counters" -- made largely from surplus military parts -- on ebay. I ended up purchasing three or four different models, and I use one or two of them whenever I am first boarding a newly-crashed alien starship or first exploring its interior, and also when traveling through Time-Space Doorways, to avoid unpleasant surprises of the radiation kind, or when I am exploring the abandoned reactor housings of long-abandoned nuclear reactors in the wilds of West Virginia. BTW, I just noticed this morning on ebay that at least one or two of these Russian vendors offering cheap-but-fun portable radiation monitors are still offering products on ebay; just type "Geiger counter" in the search window and then check out the offerings from "annakozub", such as the DRSB-88 or the DRGB-90 model or the "Digital Radex" model, all from annakozub. These cheap devices are lots of fun, and when you are chilling in your living room late on a Friday nite with some of your extra-terrestrial friends, it is always fun to whip out one of these radiation monitors and scan each of your ET buddies to see who is the most radioactive!

BTW, I am not at all phobic about exposure to modest levels of ionizing radiation; I just prefer to avoid really high doses of it! In fact, I totally agree with the folks who travel twice per year to radium mines to gain exposure to the ever-important radiative flux from the ores in the mine walls and the also-important high levels of radon gas in the mines. If I ever have a few thousand dollars to spare, I want to purchase a truckload of pitchblende ore and build myself a homemade "radiation mine", as the body seems to thrive on modest levels of ionizing radiation. In fact, I have told tales on my MEOW list groups in the past of a medical doctor in Sweden who claims to have found a rural Swedish mine (containing a mixture of uranium ore and magnetite) where the mine workers were actually growing radically younger and radically healthier due to their workplace exposure to the mine/ore, and he claims to have converted part of the mine into a rejuvenation health spa, where people can come to youthify, regenerate and heal various chronic diseases. with care.

Q: I thought one way to tell if a Joe Cell was working was by monitoring the radiation output - is that not the case?? Didn't Reich use a Geiger counter?

A: No, monitoring radiation output would not tell you if a Joe Cell was working. This would only be somewhat true for aetheric energy receiver / accumulator (AERE) devices which employ high voltages or high electrical current flows or ionizing radiation to manipulate the flow of aetheric energy. And, even then, all the radiation meter would tell you would be ways to maximize the emission of harmful forms of radiation, and it could not disclose accurate information about relative levels of orgone/aetheric energy.

Remember here that Reich largelyt did not report an elevated response on a Geiger counter when it was exposed to good orgone, and only claimed to see this response when he aimed the Geiger counter at a concentrated source of what he called "deadly orgone", aka DOR; his most commonplace method of generating DOR was to place samples of highly-radioactive radionuclides in an orgone box chamber. Others have reported generation of so-called DOR by combining orgone with high voltage discharges and/or high flow of electrical current. My own experience is that the entire existence of deadly orgone, aka DOR, is highly questionable, or, if it does exist, it seems to be rather rare and to primarily occur when aetheric energy is combined with high voltage discharges under some circumstances.

And, as I have mentioned before, there exists some evidence that "good" orgone actually causes a decrease of from 10% to 34% in levels of background radiation, or that it at least quenches the detector tube accordingly, causing reduced output.

No one has ever observed emission of ionizing radiation as a reliable signature of presence of "normal" orgone (that is, "good orgone"), and, in fact, some evidence, such as the background radiation assessments in the near-field proximity of the spent cell juice from Danae's cell disclosed on my webpage article, indicates that it may be possible that orgone-charged water (or other charged objects) may actually reduce the level of background ionizing radiation in its near-field vicinity (or reduce the sensitivity of nearby Geiger-Muller tubes within the orgone field.) There are also a few spotty and, to me, inconsistent and conflicting, reports from Reich's day that exposure to orgone energy may temporarily increase the sensitivity of Geiger-Muller ionization detector tubes, but the evidence for that hypothesis is rather conflicting and also seems to contradict what I have reported in my webpage article about my analysis of spent cell juice from Danae's cell. And, of course, it is true that if orgone energy, under certain circumstances, did effect a temporary increase in the sensitivity of a Geiger-Muller tube, then an uninformed casual observer might be deluded into believing that orgone-charged objects emit higher levels of ionizing background radiation.

However, when it comes to possible emission of higher levels of radiation by orgone-charged objects, the only actual (and consistent) claims ever apparently uttered by Reich and his associates was in connection with his experiments with, and observations of, what he called "deadly orgone" or DOR, usually employing small amounts of highly-radioactive isotopes to "excite" the orgone. However, even here, as Roger Wilcox and others have pointed out, his observations were inconsistent and highly questionable, because he also asserted at times during his radiation/DOR experiments that other unique signatures of the presence of DOR were the smell of ozone and the emission of a bluish-violet light from nearby objects. The problem with his claims in this regard is that in the past, he had at times made the same assertion regarding the smell of ozone and the occurrence of bluish-violet light in connection with GOOD orgone as well!

My observations indicate, and agree with what I've said above, that the Joe Cell test jig in my lab does NOT seem to ever emit, or cause the emission of, higher levels of ionizing radiation, and, in fact, all of my casual observations to date of ionizing radiation levels in and near the (filled with charged cell juice) Joe Cell seem to indicate, if anything, that apparent levels of background ionizing radiation may be decreased by about 10% to 20%. This observation seems to hold true regardless of whether the cell has been sitting (filled with cell juice) for several days since the last application of DC voltage across it, and under two charged conditions as well, when 1.5 volts DC (i.e., below electrolysis threshold) is applied , and when 24 volts DC (i.e., above electrolysis threshold) is applied to the cell. Of course, this is merely a casual observation, and highly questionable, since -- unless I were to employ a very long baseline of logged observations -- a change of 10% to 20% in levels of background ionizing radiation is roughly within the minute-to-minute deviations observed simply to the random fluctuations of the noise floor across short periods of time. And, it could also be argued that the apparent minor reduction in levels of background radiation near the cell may be due to some kind of quenching effect exhibited by orgone energy (or some other kind of subtle energy; remember that Joe Cells are regularly accused by JoC enthusiasts of opening unintentional portals to other "spaces" and subtle energies as well) upon the Geiger-Muller tube.

Q: But... but... (in reference to the above answer) are you sure that only DOR, and not good orgone, produces an elevated response on a Geiger counter? That is, a response that is not due to actual radiation but due to the orgone changing the characteristics of the GM tube? I distinctly remember that Reich observed changes in counts per minute on a Geiger counter before and after soaking in an orgone accumulator.

A: And he hypothesized that modern physics had gotten their understanding of radiation and Geiger-Muler tubes all wrong, and he wrote that he believed that in reality a GM tube was NOT measuring ionizing radiation, bur rather, was measuring levels of "good" orgone energy. The problems with all of his observations and claims in this area are manifold, and include the fact that none of his colleagues, nor later experimenters, were ever apparently able to replicate any of his "findings" in this regard. Worse, see my comment below regarding Reich's woeful understanding of test equipment.

It seems that Reich, particularly in his later years, was a very confused man, and he was also apparently driven by his own demons and his paranoia.

Yes, I and other observers agree that the orgone charge seemed to change the characteristics of the GM tube, but did not indicate the presence of actual radiation. However, there are other problems as well with his observations and theories. It is rather well-established -- as Roger Wilcox points out repeatedly in his excellent articles -- that Reich seemed to consistently exhibit a massive inability to understand some of the basic principles/tenets of modern physics and that he had a woeful understanding of how test equipment worked. For one, witness his failure to realize that a GM tube operated on a non-regulated HV power supply (as was true of radiation monitors in those days) will likely exhibit day-to-day fluctuations in sensitivity.

Q: Didn't Reich even think that "good" orgone was a motor force since it seem to make his Geiger counter readout tube rotate?

A: Yes, this is a truly bizarre assertion on his part, as it betrays a woeful misunderstanding on his part of the fact that the pointer in the counter readout was a mechanical device powered by the power supply/battery located within the Geiger counter. In fact, this misunderstanding is incredibly bizarre and one more signal that Reich was, as many have asserted, "not all there".

Briefly, we find that in his work "The Cancer Biopathy", chapter IV, section 7, Reich wrote: "Geiger counter tubes that have absorbed orgone energy by being kept in an orgone atmosphere of high concentration for several weeks can produce 25 to 100 impulses per second in the impulse counter, at a 'rotation threshold' of 900-1000 volts. This rate of impulses amounts to an even rotation of the pointer in an impulse counter. In other words, ... orgone energy is capable of delivering a motor force." As Roger Wilcox and others have pointed out, Reich likely confused the rotary output counter (powered by the Geiger counter power supply) with some kind of "wheel" which was being turned by orgone energy. Bizarre!

Q: Can Jenny Cells be used to heat a house?

A: During a meditation a few months ago, I was advised by Holy Spirit and my guides and angels that the Jenny Cell would not only improve the fuel mileage of motor vehicles, but that if I would use my large prototype Jenny Cell to infuse my house with aetheric energy, I would --- after the one to three month initial break-in period needed to charge and infuse the house with aetheric energy -- I would see a 30% to 45% improvement in heat emission per cubic foot of gas in the propane heater that we use to heat the house (I was also advised that my newer Sophie Cell technology, which does NOT employ aetheric energy but rather uses an exotic FTL energy, would likely yield a 50% to 65% increase in heat output per cubit foot of propane.) In the interim, several fellow researchers in the aetheric energy world have received much the same inner guidance about Jenny Cells and heat output from space/room heaters, with the net result that a few of these folks have gone ahead and built devices largely for the purposes of hopefully reducing their winter heating bills. I will try to post some updates in a few months after my colleagues and I have had a chance to play with these possibilities and to see some real-world results, if any.

Brief update as of early April 2008: as of this date, I have seen no evidence that the presence of a functional Jenny Cell (and also a functional stage 3 Joe Cell) has improved the heating efficiency of the propane gas heater in my home.

Q: Do you have any measurements to to support these speculations about potential 50% to 65% increases in heat output of propane heaters per cubic foot of propane?

A: Please remember that I never claimed to have witnessed any increase in heat output from the propane space heater/stove which heats my house, and rather, what I wrote was that I had received inner guidance from Holy Spirit and my angels and guides (and, of course, Daffy Duck) to the effect that a Jenny Cell, if placed near the heater, and once it and the heater were fully charged with aetheric energy (a process which, in a virgin setting, can take from two months to 2 years, dependent upon numerous variables, including the odd W, X, Y and Z factors), would yield an improvement in heat output per unit of fuel of 30% to 45%; it is worth noting that two colleagues -- both of whom are degreed scientists and also mystics and researchers in these odd realms of strange science -- have since received nearly identical advice about Jenny Cell effects in this realm from their inner guidance, but with slightly higher numbers (in the range of 40% to 65% improvement) . I had further stated that I had also received inner guidance from those same sources that my newer Sophie Cell technology, which does NOT employ aetheric energy but rather uses an exotic FTL energy, would likely yield a 50% to 65% increase in heat output per cubit foot of propane; one colleague (one of the two above-mentioned degreed scientists, who is also a mystic and a researcher in the strange sciences) who has been guided to create a similar device has also received very similar guidance on an inner level regarding effects of Sophie Cell technology.

Incidentally, since I live in a drafty old hunting lodge-type house in the mountains, and since the heating systems (a propane space heater stove backed up by five baseboard electric heaters, backed up by a catalytic high-efficiency woodstove) are rather primitive and do not employ any exotic controls or exotic measuring/metering systems, any results or effects which I do eventually report will, of necessity, be very vague and sloppy and imprecise! An additional potential fuzziness/confounding factor will be the fact that I have recently installed eleven multi-ply Karita-style heat image posters throughout the house; they too may have an effect on heating! A further potential confounding factor is that many colleagues who play with such energies and technologies have reported to me that one bizarre accidental side-effect is that their electric meters tend to exhibit unnaturally low readings. As just one example, one colleague in Australia has advised me that in the two homes (his home and the nearby home of his son) in which similar technologies were installed, the electric meters immediately began to display power usage readings of only 20% of previous levels; Danae Harding and her son Vernon Roth have reported similar accidental side effects from deployment of their aetheric energy technologies.

Brief update as of early April 2008: as of this date, I have seen no evidence that the presence of a functional Jenny Cell (and also a functional stage 3 Joe Cell) has improved the heating efficiency of the propane gas heater in my home.

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Here is information on an email list group which I operate and which cover these fields or related fields.

The Forbidden Science (VP) group hosted at encompasses and subsumes topics covered by each of the several relevant legacy list groups that I had operated at private Yahoo Groups, including Exotic Energies, Ormus-like, Ormus PWT, Time-Space Doorways, Elixir Vitae, Jenny Cell, Radiation Hormesis/Radiation Nutrition, and Quantum Quiet (space effect devices) legacy list groups.

Forbidden Science (VP)
The term "forbidden science" was first coined in the 1980s by Dr. Jaques Vallee, a PhD computer scientist and strange/fringe science researcher, to describe those fields of scientific investigation that the current scientific "establishment" tends to view as quack science, or as fringe science, and as undesirable topics for "serious" scientists to research; those fields include the topic of UFOs and "space aliens", alchemy, ormus nutritionals, the paranormal, overunity devices, exotic energies (aka prana or chi) beyond the pale of conventional electromagnetics, and numerous other "fringe science" and "strange science" realms.

This list group serves as a continuation of the various legacy forbidden science list groups, listed above, that were operated by Vinny Pinto for 15+ years until the October 2019 downscaling of Yahoo Groups. Vinny is a mystic, spiritual teacher/guide, spiritual healer, and a multi-disciplinary consulting and R&D scientist/engineer.

The primary focus of this list group is to discuss topics in the realms of forbidden science, aka strange science, aka fringe science, including UFOs and "space aliens", alchemy, ormus nutritionals, the paranormal, overunity devices, exotic energies (aka prana or chi) beyond the pale of conventional electromagnetics, and numerous other "fringe science" and "strange science" realms.

While the name and description of this list group are publicly listed at and on search engines, all posts sent to the list group are private and are viewable by list group members only. This is a moderated list group. Further, all applicants wishing to join the list group must state their reasons for wishing to join along with their name and general location, and all posts sent to the list group must be signed with the poster's first and last name in order to be published. We do not tolerate hate posts, and we do not tolerate trolls, nor troll posts.

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