The Jenny Cell SubQuantum Aetheric Energy (SQAE)
Receiver and Charger Technology

A Dry, Solid-State Technology for Generating/Receiving and Accumulating SubQuantum Aetheric Energy

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Prefatory Note
A Note Regarding Confidentiality of Proprietary Information
Please note that while I feel free to share some general details of the Jenny Cell technologies, there are some details regarding design and construction and also regarding observed effects which must remain proprietary. Likewise, some of my testing methods and protocols for sensing and assaying the presence of aetheric energy must remain proprietary. This is due to each of three reasons:
  • this is a potentially very powerful technology, and there exists potential for misuse. Therefore, I prefer to offer all the basic information, minus some details, to interested researchers and experimenters, and then to trust that beyond that point, any sincere researcher who is meant to work with these Jenny Cell technologies will be guided as needed by their intuition and by Holy Spirit and the angels in whatever direction they are meant to evolve or adapt this technology.
  • some of the relevant research on the Jenny Cell technology was funded by, and some of the technology (i.e., early prototypes) developed for, a consulting client located in the western part of the USA (this client, a small corporation, has in their possession two massive early prototypes of the Jenny Cell which I developed for them, and they are quite satisfied with the observed aetheric energy effects so far.) I have signed a confidentiality/NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with that company which limits to some extent certain details that I may reveal about the technology. Thus, some details of the technology must remain private to protect their proprietary interests and mine. As mentioned above, I have felt free to share the basics of the technology here, and I trust that beyond that point, any sincere researcher who is truly meant to work with the Jenny Cell technology will be guided as needed by their intuition and by Holy Spirit and the angels in whatever direction they are meant to evolve or adapt this technology.
  • a significant portion of the information which Holy Spirit, my guides and angels have shared with me in this area is information which is "fuzzy" and on the "fringes", which lies in relams whcih will never be able to be measured well, sensed well, managed well, or understood well by the linear third-dimensional human mind, that is, what many modern theorists have called "the left-brain" and what many mystics and spiritual tradtions calll the "ego" or by the tools of the linear mind, such as the fields of science and engineerring. As such, Holy Spirit, Supreme Heart and my angels have made clear to me that some of this information is relatively sacred knowledge and it is never meant to be shared publicly nor helter-skelter, but rather only with certain carefully-selected persons. Further, I have been advised that in many cases, it is fine for me to disseminate in public some general information about some of my newer technologies in these fields, but to always leave in reserve certain proprietary details, to ensure that only those persons who have been granted permission (by Holy Spirit and Supreme Heart) to access such information via intuition or by direct access to Holy Spirit and appropriate angels and guides -- in other words, via inner means -- will be able to connect the last few dots and to be enabled to easily build protptypes of relevant technologies. Interestingly, I have also been advised that most of this "sacred" information is not available from beings on the astral plane, such as astral entities or what are sometimes known as "departed souls", as the astral plane is an entirely different level of existence from the "higher" spiritual realms.
Updates to this Page
As of late 2007, this is still a very young webpage, and still growing. As time passes, I will be sharing some further information on this page regarding effects noticed with these two related technologies upon humans, animals, plants and automotive engines and in other realms as may be relevant.

A Brief Note About Terminology
In hindsight, must note with a bit of amusement that I seem to have largely inadvertently but willingly coined two new terms in earlier versions of this webpage, and so we may as well take a look at both of those terms for a moment. The two terms follow:
  • diaetheric -- my usage of this term is somewhat analogous to the usage of the term dielectric in physics and electronics. The term dielectric indicates not only a substance which is not only an electrical insulator but also one which is able to maintain an electric field across it with little loss. And, as we all know, dielectrics are used in the real world for many purposes, including use in capacitors capable of storing large amounts of energy. I have coined the term diaetheric to indicate a somewhat analogous property, but with some added frills, as follows: a material which exhibits the ability to store aetheric energy and maintain aetheric fields, and also which, to varying extent (i.e., across types of materials), may be able to transduce or translate aetheric energy from quantum subspace into our "everyday" space.
  • aetherolyte -- my usage of this term is somewhat analogous to the usage of the term electrolyte in physics, chemistry and electronics. The term electrolyte indicates a substance which is a conductor of electrical energy and in which the flow is accompanied by a movement of matter in the form of ions. As we all know, electrolytes are used in the real world for many purposes, including use in electrical batteries, where they serve, along with plates, as a kind of storage media for electrical energy. I have coined the term aetherolyte to indicate a somewhat analogous property, but with some added frills, as follows: a material which exhibits the ability to conduct aetheric energy and store aetheric energy, and also which, to varying extent (i.e., across material types), may be able to partake in transducing or translating aetheric energy from quantum subspace into our "everyday" space.

A Brief Introduction to the Jenny Cell Technology

Much as I have briefly mentioned on the main page of this SubQuantum Aetheric Energy Receivers website, one primary and early focus of this website is an aetheric energy receiver (aka aetheric energy charger) and accumulator technology which I sometimes reference as Jenny Cell technology. This technology is entirely dry and solid state (i.e., liquid-free) and various instantiations of this technology may be constructed as a permanently-sealed device with an expected useful lifetime of over 40 years. Unlike Joe Cells, Moe Cells and Proton Cells, which employ somewhat finicky and difficult-to-condition-and-prepare liquid media, and unlike the Al Sinclair aetheric energy battery (aka acidless battery) technology (dating back to the 1950s and earlier; for more info on that technology you may wish to click here) which employs finicky and difficult-to-prepare liquids which often exhibit a useful lifetime of only a few weeks to a couple of months, devices employing the Jenny Cell technology do not employ any liquid media and thus there is no need to prepare, clean, condition or charge any liquids prior to using the device. And, since the Jenny Cell is not only a solid state dry technology, but also far more stable in terms of performance than devices in the liquid-media Joe Cell and Proton Cell categories, the Jenny Cell is far less finicky than the liquid-media based technologies: it is maintenance-free; there is no liquid media to condition, charge or replenish, there are no worries or wonderings about whether the liquid media really is charged or not, there is nothing to tune, and best of all, when used as an adjunct in automotive use, the device operates entirely by proximity field effect -- there are no attachments or connections which need to be made from the Jenny Cell to a petroleum-fueled engine or other device in order to effect a transfer or coupling of aetheric energy.

A Few Basics About the Jenny Cell Technology
There currently exist two types or classes of Jenny Cell technology. The Jenny Cell technologies are still a very new set of technologies, but they are firmly based upon research which I have been performing for many years in the following fields:
  • since the late 1970s on shape technologies (aka form resonance or topological aetheric physics; my colleague Dr. Patrick Flanagan has sometimes referenced this field as magnetic form resonance), particularly using forms/shapes such as cones, pyramids, spheres, hemispheres, parallel plates (separated by a dielectric or by a diaetheric) and coaxial cylinders.
  • since the late 1970s on exotic energies, particularly etheric energy, aka aetheric energy.
  • since the early 1980s on exotic forms of minerals and ores (these forms are often called nowadays by names such as ormus and ormes), and on using these exotic forms not only in human and animal nutrition but as a diaetheric (an aetheric energy equivalent of a dielectric) medium in aetheric energy circuits.
  • since the late 1970s on the use of ceramics, particularly ferromagnetic ceramics (aka ferrites) and ferroelectric ceramics as transducers and media of exotic energies, i.e., as diaetheric materials.
  • since the mid 1970s on high voltage potentials and discharges and their effects in harnessing or harvesting aetheric energy.
and also upon vast amounts of inner guidance which I have received in this realm from Holy Spirit and my guides and angels, particularly since early 2001.

Although it may sound strange to some, I have, in my R&D work in developing the Jenny Cell technologies, largely avoided the mainstream Joe Cell and Proton Cell worlds -- i.e., the many email list groups, forums and websites devoted to these topics, and, of course, the hundreds of video clips to be found on these topics on the many video-sharing websites -- with the sole exception of friendships with a few researchers in the exotic energy and ormus realms who also have some interest in the Joe Cell field as well. This tactic has been the result of a deliberate decision on my part, and for the following reasons:
  • First, when I first became aware of the so-called Joe Cell technology a number of years ago, I quickly developed a strong distaste for the rather high level of paranoia and obsession with conspiracy theories extant in the field, where a good percentage of folks writing in the field were proclaiming loudly that they were victims of various government or big-money or big-business conspiracies. I personally find such levels of paranoia and fear, and the attendant preoccupation with such matters and with the related concepts of struggle and drama, to be extremely distasteful and also counter-productive, for it is a divine law that whatever we dwell upon, we tend to create in our own lives. In the popular vernacular, I do not engage drama queens, and I do not even want to hear their tales or watch their hisiironics.
  • I also noticed that many of the persons involved in the Joe Cell and Proton Cell field seemed to exhibit a fascinating and unreasoned level of hostility toward all forms of government and business, and many seem to feel that they are on a mission to create some kind of perfect form of free energy that will overnight render obsolete all of the so-called fossil fuels (it is my personal belief that most of the petroleum fuels largely do not come from fossil sources but rather from primeval abiogenic sources, but that is another matter) and conventional forms of energy. I personally find such views and visions rather grandiose, hostile and also short-sighted and unrealistic, and instead, I feel that there is room for all kinds of energy sources in human endeavors. In fact, I am hardly alone in this viewpoint; I recall that Vernon Roth made a very similar point during his presentation on implosion energy and alchemy at the July 2007 Extraordinary Technology Conference held in Salt Lake City, UT, to the effect that there is plenty of room on earth for all forms of energy, including fossil fuels. I personally find such levels of hostility as I have referenced above to be rather distasteful and counterproductive, for it is a divine law that whatever we resist or fight, we automatically co-create that thing which we believe that we are resisting or fighting, and we also produce failure for our own projects at the same time.
  • There exists inarguably a tremendous amount of misunderstanding, myth, misinformation, dissension and bickering in the Joe Cell world, along with a large amount of ego-driven posturing and grossly exaggeated tales of success (i.e., success with using Joe Cells in automotive applications.)
  • When I first became aware of the so-called Joe Cell technology years ago, I found the focus on liquid media, on extensive conditioning and prepping of the liquid media (i.e., water or liquid electrolyte), and the related insistence on the necessity for extensive polishing of the stainless steel tubes and frequent passivation of the metal surfaces to be very distasteful and tiring to me; I felt intuitively that there had to be an easier and cleaner way, without much of the fuss and hassle. And, I have learned, from long years of experience, to totally trust that kind of inner guidance, as it is that same inner guidance which accurately guided me, since childhood, to avoid learning or mastering most forms of mathematics despite my great interest in science (and despite the fact that I hold a Master's degree in the sciences), and, which also guided me to largely avoid physics textbooks and mainstream physics journal articles when I was interested in quantum physics, aether theory and subtle energies (and even when studying physics and astrophysics in college years ago, but that is another tale...). Rather, I chose to trust that Holy Spirit and my guides and angels would, when the time was right, steer me toward methods of harvesting aetheric energy which were much cleaner, simpler and easier. Thus, I had little interest in learning much about how the Joe Cell and Proton Cell researchers were "doing" their technology, as I preferred to simply allow my own inner guidance to teach me what I would need to know in order to develop my own working technologies.
  • As is also true to an even greater extent in the related world of ormus research, I feel that there exists a rather high noise level in the Joe Cell field, consisting of misinformation (most of it unintentional and non-malicious), mythology (again, most of it unintentional and non-malicious) and also some deliberate distortion and confusion, with the ultimate and net effect that  -- as one fellow researcher recently reported to me -- about 73% of the information to be found on Joe Cell websites and list groups/forums is incorrect and misleading. Now, let me point out here that while this is a pretty high noise floor, it is not unbearable nor is it unworkable, and indeed, we can find far worse noise levels in some related fields, one example follows: As several of my colleagues and consulting clients love to remind me, the noise level extant in the Joe Cell field is quite bearable and reasonable in comparison to the noise level found on most ormus-related list groups and forums, where at least 94% of the "information" to be found in these venues is misinformation, myth, hyperbole and fantasy, along with some measure of ego-driven hostility (and even the occasional death threat!)
Two Types or Classes of Jenny Cell Technology
As mentioned briefly above, at this point, there exists two types or classes of Jenny Cell technology. I will discuss briefly here both of the types which I have developed; I call them the type I Jenny Cell  and the type II Jenny Cell. While both are dry or solid-state technologies, and each employs exotic ormus-like minerals and ores, and each employs shape technology, the two types incorporate very different shape technologies. It is the type I Jenny Cell technology which, although it is a dry technology, most closely resembles the Joe Cell and the related Proton Cell which are so well known in the free energy world. A bit of information about each of the nascent technologies follows.

Type I Jenny Cell
The Jenny Cell type I technology, much like the Joe Cell and the Proton Cell, employs concentric coaxially-aligned metal tubes, with a customized mixture of dry exotic high-ormus ores filling the inter-coaxial space; some versions employ also a cluster of small but powerful neodymium magnets at the heart of the cell, deployed in a specific and precise geometry. While the type I Jenny Cell will accumulate an aetheric energy charge over time even with no DC bias applied, it will charge much faster if a DC bias voltage of anywhere from 1.3 VDC to about 100 VDC is applied (some models can handle up to 450 VDC bias voltage) to the cell. I call the DC supply voltage a bias voltage because, other than a very brief current surge due to traditional capacitive charging effects when power is first applied to a Jenny Cell, the cell draws only a very tiny current, well less than 0.3 ua (microamperes) at 15 VDC, for a total power consumption of under 0.000004 watts, or less than 4 microwatts!

For a newly constructed type I Jenny Cell, it is my experience that the cell may take anywhere from 2 days to 4.5 days to reach full aetheric energy charge if a DC bias voltage of about 12 VDC to 15 VDC is applied, and more than twice as long to reach a state of full charge if no DC bias voltage is employed. And, much like a Joe Cell or Proton Cell, once a Jenny Cell has reached full charge, it will act as a reservoir for aetheric energy, and will radiate etheric energy (some choose to call it orgone energy) out to a radius of anywhere from a few feet to as much as over 1,000 feet, dependent upon the size (i.e., height of the tubes and the outside diameter of the outer tube) of the cell, the number of concentric tubes arrayed in the cell, the inter-cylinder spacing, the fill material employed and the magnitude of the DC bias voltage applied to the cell, if any. And, again much akin to what researchers have observed with Joe Cells and Proton Cells, once a Jenny Cell has reached full charge status, if it is located in an environment which is not already saturated with high levels of aetheric energy, it will slowly charge the local environment with aetheric energy, and this "conditioning" process of the ambient environment may take anywhere from three or four weeks to as long as 3.5 months or even far longer in some circumstances.

One thing that I do find about the Jenny Cell technology is that the cells seem to function best when sealed at the top and bottom of the cylinder with polyester resin or epoxy resin, and when the outer walls of the Jenny Cell are kept at least an inch or so (the exact minimum optimal distance will depend upon the size and power level of the cell) from nearby metallic objects, and when the ends are kept at least about two inches (again, the exact minimum optimal distance will depend upon the size and power level of the cell) from any nearby metal objects. To most easily effect this level of isolation, I usually pot my sealed Joe Cells inside a large mass of polyester resin -- employed as a potting compound -- inside a plastic cylinder which affords considerable physical isolation and protection and also allows a suitable radial clearance as well as a suitable clearance at top and bottom; I usually employ PVC pipe as the outer cylinder, capped on each end.

My early tests with the Jenny Cell technology, based upon some proprietary laboratory tests and the intuitive and dowsing measures made by several intuitives and by myself, indicates that a properly-designed and constructed type I Jenny Cell can "generate" and store up to about 30 times as much aetheric energy as a well-functioning Joe Cell exhibiting the same physical dimensions (i.e., tube height, diameter of outermost tube) and the same cylinder count (i.e., the same number of concentric tubes or cylinders comprising the cell.) In fact, an early prototype Jenny Cell (photos of this cell, potted in polyester resin inside a 6" diameter PVC pipe housing appear on this page) employing a set of 6 nested stainless steel cylinders measuring 8 inches high, with the outermost cylinder measuring 4 inches in diameter, radiated a strong field of aetheric energy extending to a radius of over 550 feet just a half-day after the initial 3-day aetheric energy charging process had been completed, the radius of effect seems to increase somewhat each day as aetheric energy levels build in the local environment.

An Optional Modification to Jenny Cells to Add Quantum Coherence "Smoothing" or "Cohering"
As is true of most such aetheric energy receivers or batteries which use shape technology and/or high-ormus materials, the primary function of the Jenny Cell type I technology is to receive or transduce aetheric energy from what I will call quantum subspace, and then to accrue it or store it, slowly radiating it into normal physical space in the physical world immediately surrounding the device. As such, most of these technologies function primarily as receivers of aetheric energies, and do not usually offer much functionality in terms of converting any of the undesirable forms of such energies -- what are often called by the names harmful subtle energies, bad orgone, deadly orgone (aka DOR), geopathic energies or electrosmog -- into beneficial and harmless forms of etheric energy. This lack of this functionality in the Jenny Cell devices does not pose a problem for me when I am creating, testing and using the Jenny Cells in my lab (which is located in my home), as there are always at least five or ten of my Coherent Space Quantum Coherence space coherence devices operating within a fifty foot radius of the prototype Jenny Cells, and these Quantum Coherence devices seem to be able to fully convert any forms of harmful subtle energies (as mentioned above) into beneficial forms. However, since not all potential operating environments for the Jenny Cell will sport such a plethora of my Quantum Coherence devices within a useful effective range, I have chosen to incorporate into some models of the Jenny Cell a small Quantum Coherence assembly to ensure that any harmful forms of subtle energies in the environment local to the Jenny Cell are immediately cohered and smoothed and transmuted into a beneficial and harmless form of subtle energy.

Sizing of the Jenny Cell Type I Models
Although the early Jenny Cell type I devices which I created in my shop and lab were rather massive -- and, in fact, grossly "overpowered" for use in a car or truck, the devices may be constructed in almost any size. In fact, my prototypes for automotive use employ Jenny Cells measuring only about 3 inches high and with an outer tube measuring about 2 inches in diameter; the cell fits in a PVC housing which measures about 7 inches high and 3 inches in diameter.

A Few Notes on Implementing Jenny Cell Type I Technology
As mentioned earlier, Jenny Cell type I technology employs concentric coaxially-arranged metallic cylinders, with any of various dry solid-state materials (often high-ormus materials) present in the inter-cylinder coaxial space, i.e., the spaces between adjacent cylinders. Some notes follow:
DC Electrical Bias
While a Jenny Cell seems to be able to accrue aetheric energy without any electrical input, it seems that the rate at which the cell will receive and accrue aetheric energy from quantum space, i.e., from the aether, is accelerated if the cell is exposed to a DC bias voltage impressed across the cell by applying the bias voltage to the innermost cylinder and to the outermost cylinder, most commonly with negative leg of the DC bias supply fed to the innermost cylinder, and the positive leg of the DC bias fed to the outermost cylinder. Aside from initial (and brief) capacitive charging phenomena, the Jenny Cells present very high impedance to impressed DC bias voltage, and a typical Jenny Cell will draw well less than one microampere of current at a potential of 30 volts, and will concomitantly draw well less than one microwatt in power at that same applied DC voltage.  I find particularly that applied EMF (electromotive force) in the range of from 1 volt to as much as 600 volts or more can be useful in accelerating the rate at which the cell receives and stores aetheric energy. Interestingly, the increase in device performance versus increases in applied voltage appears to be somewhat linear but "slow". In other words, doubling the applied DC bias voltage across a Jenny Cell will not double the rate at which it accrues energy, but rather, will usually increase the rate of accrual of aetheric energy on the order of about 12%. So far, use of AC waveforms, including square wave pulses superimposed upon the DC bias voltage, has usually not proven very useful.

Cylinder Count
In general, and with some exceptions, the performance of a Jenny Cell seems to increase as the square of the increase of the number of coaxial cylinders comprising the Jenny Cell. That is, for a given cylinder height and a given diameter of the outermost cylinder, doubling the number of cylinders will usually result in about a four-fold increase in cell aetheric energy "power". Much the same, by the way, seems to be true of liquid-media Joe Cells.

Inter-cylinder Spacing
Jenny Cells seem to be very tolerant even of rather close inter-cylinder spacing, even on the order of 0.125" (1/8th inch) or a bit less.

Cylinder Height
Increase in performance seems to be linear, and, in general, a doubling of cylinder height will -- assuming all other variables have been held constant -- result in a doubling in Jenny Cell capacity.

Diameter of Outer Cylinder
In general, with number of cylinders kept constant, the ratio of the aetheric energy capacity of a Jenny Cell seems to be largely a  one-for-one linear relationship with changes in the diameter of the outer cylinder. That is, doubling the diameter of the outer cylinder while keeping the number of cylinders the same will usually result in a doubling of the aetheric energy capacity of a Jenny Cell.

Notes on Type I Jenny Cell Technology and Time-Space "Portals"
I must note here that several intuitives, psychics and clairvoyants who have examined early prototypes of the JennyCell type I technology and also a test bench version of a Joe Cell employing a high-ormus liquid medium have remarked that the cells, when operational, seem to act as a portal to some other place in space-time. My own sense, and I am speaking here as an intuitive, is a bit more specific and it is that the cells serve as a portal whereby they are able to transduce aetheric energy from what some would call the aetheric sea or what others would call quantum subspace.
A Note on My Primary Focus in Originally Creating the Jenny Cell Technology
Unlike the focus of many Joe Cell researchers, for various reasons, I have only a passing and fleeting interest in using aetheric energy technologies for the purpose of acting as an adjunct source of power for motor vehicles, and rather, my primary interest from the start while developing the dry Jenny Cell technology has been to use various versions of these cells for the purpose of improving health, and my particular foci so far have been:
  • developing a device which employs three type I Jenny Cells (one of them highly variant from the normal type I Jenny Cell genre) for the purpose of treating bottled water, in other words, an aetheric energy charging device for treating water and other liquids. It appears so far that once treated, the water will likely retain the aetheric energy charge for many months or even as long as a few years. In the current pilot version of the device with which I am experimenting, it appears that a sealed bottle of spring water must be treated in the device's treatment chamber for about 30 seconds in order to bring it to a level of high aetheric energy charge. It is worth noting here that this aetheric energy water charging device differs greatly from the aetheric energy charging devices of the Al Sinclair aetheric energy charging device lineage -- including in the Al Sinclair-type genre the aetheric energy charging device employed by Danae Harding of Ancient Tek for producing sparky water -- in that my Jenny Cell water charging technology does not employ any high voltages at all, and concomitantly, does not employ any high voltage discharges, unlike the Al Sinclair aetheric energy charging technology.
  • developing a device which will gradually infuse a room or other space with aetheric energy (aka orgone energy) for the purposes of acting as a gentle environmental energetic and etheric nutritional supplement for the benefit of humans and animals present within the range of the aetheric energy field. In fact, that purpose is one of the primary reasons why I developed the early prototype model SAH806 which is mentioned on this page.
A Few Notes on Potential Use of the Jenny Cell with Automotive Petroleum-fueled Engines
As I have noted in the section immediately above, my goal in developing the Jenny Cell aetheric energy charging technology was decidedly not for the purpose of using such cells as an adjunct source of power for motor vehicles, but rather, my primary interest from the start while developing the dry Jenny Cell technology has been to use various versions of these cells to provide what I call an energetic and etheric nutritional supplement for the benefit of humans and animals present within the range of the aetheric energy field, or who drink water or other liquids treated by such a device. However, many of my colleagues and friends have a strong interest in using any and all aetheric energy charging technologies in an attempt to improve fuel mileage of petroleum-fueled vehicles, and thus, in response to their regular inquiries, I have compiled the following notes on the potentials for use of Jenny Cell aetheric energy chargers in automotive applications. Here are a few random notes, with comparison notes where relevant to Joe Cell technologies:

1) Almost all Joe Cells and Proton Cells, at least all but the most powerful and most successful (and there have only been a few of these ever built in the last 15 years since the things became a fad in the free energy world), must, in order to help boost the performance of an automobile engine, be placed in the engine compartment and have some kind of etheric energy tube or pipe carrying the etheric energy to a component of the engine, perhaps the fuel line, or carburetor, or ignition, or, as is quite common, to a bolt somewhere on the engine block.
2) to see any significant benefit from the vast majority of the Joe Cell devices, the experts in the field usually say that you must be using only a carbureted engine (i.e., no fuel injection) and one fitted with a conventional ignition system (i.e., classic ignition distributor with mechanically adjustable timing) and that the timing must be grossly advanced, perhaps on the order of 30 to 50 degrees or more, to the point that any self-respecting gasoline engine will barely run on petroleum fuel. Further, we are told that in order to use a Joe Cell or Proton Cell on many modern vehicles, at least one of the pollution-control sensors would need to be modified/adjusted.

On the other hand, all the evidence so far indicates that an automotive-sized model of the Jenny Cell, that is, a model quite a bit smaller than my massive early prototype Jenny Cell Model 806-4M mentioned on this page, the following seems to be the reality:
  • may be used with any gasoline engine, even modern engines employing fuel injection and non-accessible, non-adjustable ignition systems and modern underhood engine computers.
  • may be mounted anywhere in or near the engine compartment on an automobile, with no etheric energy pipe connections running from the device to any parts of the engine, and, in fact, with the only connections needed being a pair of wires for DC bias power; the black wire is connected to ground and the red wire is connected to a convenient fused plus 12 volt DC line, and the device draws only a microwatt or less of power at most when in operation.
  • may be mounted on any automobile with zero adjustments needed to the ignition timing or carburetion and no fiddling with pollution control sensors. No adjustments.
  • and yet, after the device has been in place in the engine compartment for a month or two, as the aetheric energy starts to accrue in the engine compartment and "seed" the engine, the engine should start to exhibit sizeable increases (that is, 20% or more) in engine power and sizeable improvements (that is, 20% or more) in fuel mileage.

Some Information on, and Photos of, Early Prototypes:

The early Jenny Cell prototypes which I created in my shop and lab were rather large. For some photos and notes regarding my massive early Jenny Cell type I Model SAH806-4M prototype, please click here.

For some notes and photos regarding a somewhat smaller prototype which I developed for use in researching automotive applications, the Jenny Cell type I Model SA404-2MQ prototype, please click here.

I will be adding additional pages offering information on other prototype models as time passes.

Reports on Effects
As time passes, I will report here on some effects noticed on people in the area close to the Jenny Cell and also -- after a 2 or 3 month break-in and conditioning period after installation of the Jenny Cell -- on any effects noticed on the performance of a year 2000 model Toyota automobile using a 4-cylinder fuel-injected engine and using only original factory timing and no modification of the oxygen sensors.

Inquiries Regarding Availability of Prototypes of the Type I Jenny Cell Models
As of early and mid-December 2007, at a time when this Jenny Cell technology is still very much in its advent, I have been receiving a growing volume of inquiries from folks who wish to purchase a prototype model of a Jenny Cell for their own experimentation and research. This level of interest is somewhat unanticipated due to the relative youthfulness of the technology, and in light of it, I promised in mid-December to attempt to take some time to create a table displaying the different prototype models available, along with size/power (i.e., number of SS cylinders, diameter of outermost SS cylinder, height of SS cylinders comprising cell, etc. along with some suggested pricing). Well, as of December 22, 2007, I have created such a table; please click here to see the table of Jenny Cell prototype models with specifications and pricing.

Type II Jenny Cell
The type II Jenny Cell technology employs nested and stacked hemispherical shapes with an exotic mix of exotic dry high-ormus minerals and ores employed as a dry solid-state aetheric energy medium dielectric between the hemispheres, and, like the concentric coaxial tube array discussed above, employing a DC bias voltage applied across the stack. I will share more details as time passes.

Some Historical Background Regarding Development of the Jenny Cell Technology
 Much as mentioned above, I have been performing research in a number of related fields since the late 1970s and early 1980s. However, the evolution of the Jenny Cell technology is more than simply a serial and sequential progression of my earlier work in those fields. Here is the story:

As many of my readers may already know, although I am an R&D scientist with a graduate degree (Master's level) in my field, I feel that over 95% of all of my R&D work in the lab comes not from intellectual or analytic "work", nor from blind "research", but rather from direct guidance from what I term Holy Spirit and my angels and guides. In the case of the Jenny Cell technology, I had been hearing for many years of the so-called Joe Cell and related aetheric energy technologies, but after taking a quick look at the field, it became obvious that there was a very high level of noise, misinformation, confusion and myth in the field. However, from what I could quickly distill from a survey of the field, I gained the strong impression that a small number of experimenters in the field really were experiencing some degree of success in transducing and accruing aetheric energies in their devices, and even in using them for various applications, such as serving as an auxiliary energy source for petroleum-fueled automotive engines. However, myth and misinformation aside, it also became quickly obvious that results were often inconsistent and spotty.

A Brief Look at the Joe Cell and Proton Cell Worlds
I have decided to provide this section in response to a large volume of inquiries which I have been receiving from researchers who have tried periodically over the past few years to systematically investigate the Joe Cell world and who confess that they were left entirely confused by the fruits of their effort, and they finally turned to me for an explanation of the field and also for an assessment of which claims were likely true and which claims were likely nonsense. I was also very much aware that topic of Joe Cells was one which was not at all taken seriously in any of the mainstream realms of the sciences and engineering, and that rather, it was a subject of ridicule and derision. This fascinated me, and I began to look at the entire Joe Cell field more closely. My subsequent investigation of the Joe Cell field revealed a number of reasons why my acquaintances and colleagues had been left feeling so confused and aversive after "checking out" the Joe Cell world, and why most mainstream scientists and engineers tend to lampoon the entire matter. In fact, my report on this whole realm of inquiry has grown so lengthy that in early January 2008, I decided to migrate the section on Joe Cells to a separate page on this site; please click here to view that article. 

And a Brief Look at the World of the Al Sinclair-type Aetheric Energy Batteries
There is, of course, also a much older Joe Cell-like aetheric energy battery technology in existence, and that is the aetheric energy cells derived from the work of Al Sinclair, which is a technology which dates back to at least the early 1950s when Sinclair appeared rather mysteriously in Utah and then disappeared even more mysteriously about twelve years later. The Al Sinclair aetheric energy technology, which was employed in his exotic agricultural electro-culture aetheric energy device, is sometimes called an acidless battery or acid-free battery; please feel free to click here for an article on one of my websites containing background on that technology, and seems to be one of the earlier aetheric energy technologies in existence, ignoring for a moment the often at least slightly-questionable work of Wilhelm Reich with orgone energy.

Due to the long history of the Al Sinclair aetheric energy batteries, I decided to take a look at "cells" made using that technology as well. And, when I reviewed the history and the reality of the various examples of the Joe Cell-like type aetheric energy batteries derived from Al Sinclair's technology, I likewise encountered a whole host of strictures, rules and limitations very similar to those enunciated above for the Joe Cell and the Proton Cell. And, since such aetheric energy batteries usually employ a liquid electrolyte consisting of water doped with various high-ormus exotic mineral or ore compounds, I also learned that the cell juice for these batteries was notoriously difficult to prepare, and often exhibited a rather short lifetime in terms of effectiveness at transducing aetheric energies.

And So, a Leap to a New Paradigm: The Jenny Cell Dry Aetheric Energy Cell
Somehow, whenever I reviewed the various rules and limitations briefly summarized above for the various existent aetheric energy cells, I experienced a very strong gut reaction telling me that the vast majority of these precautions and limitations were unnecessary, and that there were far easier and more effective ways to accomplish the goal of receiving and storing aetheric energy. And, I have learned over the years to implicitly trust such inner "gut-level" and intuitive guidance, as such guidance has always served me well in the past, and has often saved me months or years of struggle or heartache in a great many areas of life, including in the realms of my R&D work in the lab. And so, directed by Holy Spirit and my angels, I spent a lot of time in inner work, meditating on the whole topic of devices which could receive and accrue aetheric energy. In short order, I was shown a number of potential technologies which were far less messy and far less finicky than the extant Joe Cell-type technologies. However, some of the answers offered seemed to be so simple and simplistic, and so easy (albeit "strange" and esoteric), that my conscious mind had a hard time accepting that these approaches might work. So, using my intuitive and clairsentient gifts, I did a little bit of work on the inner level to validate the guidance that I had received from Holy Spirit and my angels, and this included each of the following avenues of approach:
  • on an inner level, I visited some early civilizations on Earth (was it really earth or was it an "alternate reality", aka an "alternate timeline"? ...I reserve judgment at this point...) which had employed similar aetheric energy technologies many tens of thousands of years ago and reviewed their aetheric energy devices. Among other technologies extant in those civilizations, I reviewed both wet-media and dry-media aetheric energy "batteries" or cells and the physical and aetheric characteristics of the media. 
  • again on an inner level, I had several conversations with a non-corporeal being, who had the identity of a young woman, from what I will call the astral plane; she had been an advanced alchemist and technologist, and an expert on aetheric energy technologies, in one of those ancient advanced civilizations.
  • using Western-type scientific equipment, I analyzed the various properties of water from an experimental liquid-media Joe Cell in my lab as the water was being "conditioned", i.e., as it was being cleaned and prepped for aetheric energy charging, and after it had started absorbing aetheric energies in the cell.
  • I also analyzed the above-mentioned liquid media at various stages in its conditioning and charging using various intuitive and clairsentient methods.
  • On an inner level, I remotely studied the various physical characteristics and aetheric characteristics of the liquid media from many thousands of "successful" Joe Cell-type aetheric energy cells and Al Sinclair-type aetheric energy cells from across the planet and across the ages.
Interestingly, in very short order, these ancillary inquiries upon which I had embarked very quickly offered me tons of evidence which corroborated entirely all of the basics of the elegant dry aetheric energy technologies which Holy Spirit and my angels had shown me days earlier. In fact, in several cases, I quickly went to my lab and ran some tests using conventional Western scientific measuring equipment upon the liquid from my experimental Joe Cell, and in each case, the results of physical testing confirmed what I had seen on the inner level. By this point, I felt quite comfortable about proceeding with actually implementing several versions of the Jenny Cell technology, and the information which appears on the page above this section is a quick snapshot of what I have done so far in this realm of Jenny Cells.

A More In-Depth Look at the Apparent Effects and Properties of the Jenny Cell Technology
For some reason that is beyond the pale of ordinary logic, a number of researchers and colleagues, many of whom are highly intuitive or clairvoyant, have expressed a great interest in the Jenny Cell technology, often telling me that they are just "drawn to it". And several of these folks have noted as well that when they examine the Jenny Cell on an inner or metaphysical level, they notice immediately that its energy seems to be very clean and coherent, in contrast to the energy from most Joe Cells, which, they report, often seems to be choppy, incoherent and unstable. And, on a related note, other folks have contacted me to tell me that they have always been very wary of Joe Cells and related electrochemical cells (i.e., cold fusion cells and anomalous anode glow cells) due to the fact that they seem to be not only very unpredictable, but that they often seem to act as portals for undesired entities or thought forms, or that they even can act as conduits for what they call "bad orgone" or "deadly orgone". So, they proceed to ask me if the Jenny Cell technology has these same drawbacks, or if it is a cleaner technology. Here are my observations on these related matters, based not only upon my direct observations and experience, but also upon feedback received from several intuitives, psychics and clairvoyants; my notes appear below:

The solid-state Jenny Cell technology does seem to be far more stable and more powerful than the very messy and temperamental Joe Cells and related cells (i.e., such as cold fusion cells and anomalous anode glow cells), which employ a liquid "electrolyte" . And, one of the best things about the Jenny Cell aetheric energy technology -- above any beyond all the other obvious benefits such as stability and no need to fuss with messy liquids or "conditioning" and charging of liquids (which works successfully for only about one out of 70 experimenters, anyway!) -- is its "tame and focused portal" effect. Let me explain that a bit more: In order for any device, whether it be a Joe Cell, orgone box, pyramid or Jenny Cell, to act as a receiver and accumulator of aetheric (aka orgone) energy, it must first "receive" or "transduce" those energies from what I perceive as a sea of aetheric energy, and that aetheric energy sea does not exist in our normal time/space, but rather in an alternate "dimension".

And thus, an aetheric energy receiver/accumulator, in order to receive aetheric energy, must, of necessity, act as a portal or a doorway to this other dimension, which, for lack of better references, I will choose to call an "inner dimension". However, this inner dimension in which the sea of aetheric energy resides is only one of many thousands of alternate dimensions, or "other dimensions", and herein lies a problem:

One of the many problems attendant to the Joe Cell technology and other esoteric electrochemical cells (i.e., cold fusion cells, anomalous anode glow cells) -- and even to some orgone boxes and pryamids -- is that they seem to regularly act as highly unpredictable and promiscuous portals, that is, when they are functional at all (and let us note here that the functional condition alone may be a rather rare state for most Joe Cells), they seem to act as very unselective portals, often accidentally forming doorways to a number of alternate dimensions other than the one which acts as a sea or reservoir of aetheric energy. And, much as I have related in the past in some of my tales shared on my websites and list groups devoted to aetheric energy topics, the problem with these unintended and accidental openings to the other dimensions is that they often can allow energies or entities -- most of which are harmless in and of themselves when located in their native time/space "dimensions" -- to enter our world, where their presence and behavior can be rather undesirable. In fact, many psychics and intuitives, and many spiritual traditions as well, often label these accidental cross-dimensional trespassers as "undesirable entities" or "invaders" or even as "evil spirits" or "demons". The reality in the vast majority of such cases is that the entities or thought forms did not really intend to enter our world in the first place, and rather were somewhat forcibly dragged here by the rather out-of-control interdimensional portal behavior of the Joe Cell (or other electrochemical cell), and, once here, they usually mean no harm and simply would like to return to their native worlds. However, since they are trapped in a time-space dimensionality which is not/was not of their choosing, humans may thus often perceive their presence, appearance or effects as "undesirable" or even "evil". In contrast to the Joe Cells and electrochemical cells, Jenny Cells are very tame and stable and not prone to such problems. For a number of reasons, including the fact that they do not employ high currents and rather employ simply an impressed voltage across the cell with literally no current flow, Jenny Cell technology is inherently very coherent, very focused and very stable, and therefore very tame and highly predictable, and thus the Jenny Cell creates a portal ONLY to the inner dimension which happens to act as a reservoir of aetheric energy, and does not create accidental portals to other unintended dimensions or worlds.

Another characteristic of the aetheric energy produced by the Jenny Cell technology seems to be what I will call "coherence". Due to the fact that they employ rather harsh electrochemical reactions involving not only chemical changes, but also the flow of appreciable amounts of electrical current (and often high voltages as well, at least during charging stages), Joe Cells and related electrochemical cells usually seem to emit a rather incoherent and jagged or spiky type of aetheric energy, i.e., an inherently noisy energy, while Jenny Cells, because of their inherent design which results in the earlier-mentioned focus and stability, seem to receive and accumulate an aetheric energy which is highly stable, coherent, clean and smooth, where the waveforms of each packet are totally in phase and in synchrony with each other.

A Note from Vinny as of December 23, 2007: Availability of Prototypes
As of early and mid-December 2007, at a time when this Jenny Cell technology is still very much in its advent, I have been receiving a growing volume of inquiries from folks who wish to purchase a prototype model of a Type I Jenny Cell for their own experimentation and research. This level of interest is somewhat unanticipated due to the relative youthfulness of the technology, and in light of it, I promised in mid-December to attempt to take some time to create a table displaying the different prototype models available, along with size/power (i.e., number of SS cylinders, diameter of outermost SS cylinder, height of SS cylinders comprising cell, etc. along with some suggested pricing). Well, as of December 22, 2007, I finally created adn uploaded such a table to a page on the Jenny Cell website; please click here to see the table of Jenny Cell prototype models with specifications and pricing.

2008 New Year Update: Why Does the Jenny Cell Seem to Help Joe-Cell-equipped Vehicles? A Report from a Fellow Researcher
At least a dozen colleagues have started building Jenny Cells, based solely upon the information that I have revealed on these webpages and some of them are already noticing some rather interesting results. Well, the funniest and most interesting story follows, and I learned of it New Year's Eve 2007 in a call from a fellow aetheric energy researcher in the Rocky Mountains. This man, whom I will call "George" is a long-time alchemist and ormus researcher, and also a dedicated aetheric energy researcher, and he has a 1973 Ford pickup truck with 400,000 miles on the V8 engine which has been running partially on Joe Cell energy in the assist mode (aka "shandy mode") for the past eight months. I visited this researcher within the past few months, have spent hours studying his Joe Cell installation and was taken for a very impressive test drive in his pickup truck, which was getting 22 to 23 mpg fuel mileage instead of the previous pre-Joe Cell mileage of about 12 mpg or less. As is true with most of the other folks using Joe Cells in the assist mode on motor vehicles, George has the spark timing on his engine advanced about 90 degrees. However, he has always reported, as have other Joe Cell users who have advanced their timing, that this grossly advanced timing tends to make for very difficult starting and for very rough running while the engine is cold and still warming up.

In late 2007, based on information which I had shared with him about how to build a Type I Jenny Cell (and I shared with him only information about the Type I Jenny Cell technology which is readily available on my Jenny Cell website and on my Jenny Cell email list group, George went ahead and built a Jenny Cell for himself (he tends to call his cell a "Guiseppe Cell" or a "Joe-seppie Cell"), with the goal of adding it to his pickup truck, which already had a Joe Cell in place. And so, George became one of several colleagues and acquaintances who had successfully built a Jenny Cell based upon the information which I had shared on my website and list group.

George called me on New Year's Eve to tell me that late the day before, he took his only-2-day-old and as-yet barely-charged (with orgone, that is) Jenny Cell (measuring 8 inches high, with four cylinders, outermost cylinder OD is four inches ) out to the pickup truck and mounted it in the engine compartment, running wires from one of his acidless batteries to it to provide it with DC bias voltage. Now, I need to pause here and tell you that neither George nor I were expecting to see any benefits (for the engine, that is) from his new Jenny Cell for a couple of months yet, as his Jenny Cell was only two days old and only yet charged to perhaps 2% of total orgone capacity. In fact, I had personally felt that George was rushing things by mounting the Jenny Cell in his truck, and I had, earlier that day, urged him to let the new Jenny Cell sit in his lab for four to five weeks first, with about 12 volts of DC bias voltage across it, to allow it to charge more fully before installing it in his truck. Further, we also half-believed that he would NEVER see any benefit from installing the Jenny Cell in his truck, as he already has a Joe Cell and four Al Sinclair-type aetheric energy acidless batteries installed in the truck, and so we both half-assumed that the truck was already as "orgonized" as it could get! Well, George got impatient, and, as I have related above, he installed his newly-constructed Jenny Cell in the truck on December 30, 2007.

A few minutes after installing the cell, George reports that he started the cold engine -- for the first time in two days -- for a trip to town. However, he was puzzled by the experience of starting the engine, for the engine, with its timing still advanced 90 degrees, started instantly, rather than starting only fitfully after many minutes of cranking. And, he reports that once the engine had started, it immediately settled into running very smoothly, instead of the very rough running that he has experienced during warmup since installing his Joe Cell and advancing the timing. Weirder, he tells me, he noticed seconds after starting the engine that it was not only idling incredibly smoothly, but it was idling 500 rpm faster than its normal idling speed. And, he told me, he needed to exit the still-warming truck a few minutes later to retrieve something from the barn, and, as he passed the exhaust pipe at the rear of the truck, he noticed that the smell of the exhaust gas had totally changed from that to which he was accustomed (even during the past seven months while it has been running partially on the Joe Cell), and the exhaust now smelled very clean and sweet (another colleague reports the post-Jenny-installation exhaust as smelling "like roses".)

Well, when George called, very excited, to tell me this, all I could do was remind him that his Jenny Cell is yet only two days old, and not yet fully charged with orgone energy, and I suggested to him that he give the cell another few weeks, or better, two months, to reach full charge, before coming to any firm conclusions about benefits yielded from using his Jenny Cell in his truck. Nonetheless, the news that he delivered this morning was very interesting!

George called again late last nite (01/01/2008) to tell me that he has since done two more cold-starts in zero degree F weather on the truck, and both of these post-Jenny Cell-addition cold starts, like the first the evening before, were quick and smooth. However, he moved on to confess that like me, he really had not expected to see any improvements at all in his engine's performance from adding the Jenny Cell, since he already has a Joe Cell plus four aetheric energy batteries installed in the truck, and like me, he had expected that if we did see an improvement, it would be minor and would likely not become obvious until after a 2 or 3 month priming/conditioning period.. And so, his questions to me last nite were -- and these mirror questions which two other researchers are starting to ask me about the Jenny Cell as well -- as follows:

Why did I notice beneficial effects so quickly? Why are the effects so noticeable, despite the fact that I was already using a Joe Cell in assist mode? Why does the engine now seem to start so much more smoothly and run so much more smoothly despite the grossly advanced timing?

Here goes with my brief attempts at replies:

Why did I notice beneficial effects so quickly? I believe that due to the nature of aetheric energy, it should normally take a newly-constructed Jenny Cell in a new setting anywhere from 5 weeks to 2 months to acquire a full aetheric energy charge and to charge the local environment. While this is somewhat faster than seen with most Joe Cells, it is still a considerable length of time. I suspect that reason that my colleague saw a more rapid response was because he already had one Joe Cell and four aetheric energy batteries installed in his vehicle, and they had been in place for the past 7 months, and thus the engine was largely already-saturated with aetheric energy. In fact, in my reply to the question below, I will address the issue of why he even noticed any benefits at all from adding the Jenny Cell.

Why are the effects so noticeable, despite the fact that I was already using a Joe Cell in assist mode? While it does seem that a Jenny Cell of given size/number of cylinders receives/accumulates more aetheric energy than a Joe Cell of the same size, my inner sense is that the only reason why my colleague noticed an improvement above and beyond that seen with the Joe Cell -- and so rapidly -- is what I call "coherence". From all that I can observe about Jenny Cells and from all that I learn on an inner level via intuition, clairsentience and occasional visual insights, and from all that intuitives and psychics have reported when looking at the Jenny Cell, it appears that the orgone energy from a Jenny Cell exhibits high coherence, compared to the orgone energy from a charged/functional Joe Cell, which appears or feels rather jaggedy, spiky and incoherent. In some ways, one could say that the orgone energy from a Joe Cell is incoherent in the same way that light from a normal incandescent or fluorescent lamp is incoherent, while the energy from a Jenny Cell exhibits great coherence, as does the light emitted by a laser. This greater degree of coherence seems to have a very positive effect upon an internal combustion engine (ICE), and seems to result in much smoother running.

On a related note, I am also receiving reports from some experimenters, including my friend mentioned above, that it almost seems at times that the energy from their already-installed Joe Cell is somehow interfering with the "smoother" and more coherent energies from the Jenny Cell, and each is now considering removing their Joe Cell as an experiment, leaving only the Jenny Cell in place in the engine compartment.

Why does the engine now seem to start so much more smoothly and run so much more smoothly despite the grossly advanced timing? Again, I feel that this benefit is not so much due to the stronger aetheric energy field from the Jenny Cell, but rather largely due to the coherence/smoothness factor which I referenced above.

An August 2008 Update: Reports from Other Researchers Using Jenny Cells in Vehicles
I have, in the time since receiving the reports from George in early and mid-2008 about his own successes in using his Type I Jenny Cell in his truck, also received reports from several colleagues who have apparently each been able to successfully fabricate a functioning Type I Jenny Cell based entirely upon the information about the technology which I have shared on my Jenny Cell website and on my Jenny Cell list group, and each of them has reported some degree of success in getting the Jenny Cell to function in "assist mode" with their older, pre-1990 vehicle engines, each of which were equipped with carburetors and conventional ignition distributors. One of these researchers eventually mentioned to me that he had tried installing a Jenny Cell in assist mode in a modern 2003 model OBD-equipped vehicle owned by one of his family members, but, he reported, that much as he had had expected, the Jenny Cell had not seemed to help the engine performance at all, and in fact, seemed perhaps to make it run a bit more roughly (which, of course, is understandable, given the fact that the OBD computer keeps trying to correct for performance changes rendered by the presence of the cell, and also given the fact that it is not possible to adjust the timing on such engines...)

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The Forbidden Science (VP) group hosted at encompasses and subsumes topics covered by each of the several relevant legacy list groups that I had operated at private Yahoo Groups, including Exotic Energies, Ormus-like, Ormus PWT, Time-Space Doorways, Elixir Vitae, Jenny Cell, Radiation Hormesis/Radiation Nutrition, and Quantum Quiet (space effect devices) legacy list groups.

Forbidden Science (VP)
The term "forbidden science" was first coined in the 1980s by Dr. Jaques Vallee, a PhD computer scientist and strange/fringe science researcher, to describe those fields of scientific investigation that the current scientific "establishment" tends to view as quack science, or as fringe science, and as undesirable topics for "serious" scientists to research; those fields include the topic of UFOs and "space aliens", alchemy, ormus nutritionals, the paranormal, overunity devices, exotic energies (aka prana or chi) beyond the pale of conventional electromagnetics, and numerous other "fringe science" and "strange science" realms.

This list group serves as a continuation of the various legacy forbidden science list groups, listed above, that were operated by Vinny Pinto for 15+ years until the October 2019 downscaling of Yahoo Groups. Vinny is a mystic, spiritual teacher/guide, spiritual healer, and a multi-disciplinary consulting and R&D scientist/engineer.

The primary focus of this list group is to discuss topics in the realms of forbidden science, aka strange science, aka fringe science, including UFOs and "space aliens", alchemy, ormus nutritionals, the paranormal, overunity devices, exotic energies (aka prana or chi) beyond the pale of conventional electromagnetics, and numerous other "fringe science" and "strange science" realms.

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1. If you want a real eye-opening experience, you may wish to perform a quick Google search on the term "paradigm paralysis"; you will be quickly led to a number of great articles (and also a few video clips) by some leading philosophers, psychologists and scientists on this fascinating aspect of human nature. In fact, many graduate schools now include mandatory training on the dangers of paradigm paralysis in their graduate programs in the sciences, although it is my personal observation that this trait of resistance and adherence to paradigms is so deeply ingrained in human nature that it is not likely to be reversed by exposure to one three-credit graduate course on the dangers of paradigm paralysis!
2. Living in the USA, I was at first confused when I encountered the term "shandy mode" used in the Joe Cell world to indicate a mode wherein the Joe Cell was being used to assist the engine, i.e., as an adjunct power source for the ICE in addition to fuel. Over time, my Aussie wife Sue explained to me that there is a type of drink popular in Australia and Europe which is called a shandy; it is basically beer flavored with lemonade, and is sometimes known as a half-and-half drink, i.e., half beer and half lemonade. So, my initial guess was that the Aussie Joe Cell researchers coined the term "shandy mode" to indicate that the ICE was using a half-and-half power source: one-half part fuel and one half-part orgone (aka aetheric) energy, and this assumption has since proven to be largely correct.

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