The Sophie Cell
An Exotic Energy Technology
Exotic Energy Field Effect Receiver/Charger

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The Sophie Cell technology is a type of exotic energy device which appears to "receive" or tap FTL energy and then to radiate a field effect for a radius ranging from a few feet to many thousands of feet, dependent upon size of the device. The design of the Sophie Cell is entirely based upon guidance which I received in mid and late 2007 from Holy Spirit, Supreme Heart and my angels and guides. Beyond saying that it is my only exotic energy technology which employs a vortex-type technology, I choose not to share further details on design at this time. While it is true that I, along with several research colleagues, have received inner guidance advising us that appropriately-sized versions of the Sophie Cell, and when placed within about 20 feet of the relevant device/component, may increase heat output per cubic foot of gas of home heating systems by up to 45% and that they may increase fuel efficiency of automotive internal combustion engines by up to 40%, those  predictions are largely pure .speculation at this point, and I cannot make any definitive or even tentative claims or statements in this area until several prototypes of the Sophie Cell technology have been installed and evaluated in a variety of application settings for at least 6 months.

You will find immediately below a few photographs of an early Sophie Cell Field Effect Charger prototype; this one was designed for use with automotive internal combustion engines (ICE), and is intended to be mounted vertically within 22 feet of the ICE.

sophie front
Mug is for size comparison and reference only. Unlike Jenny Cells, Sophie Cells do not have any external wiring; there is no need for any external electrical power input. All components are sealed inside the PVC shell.

sophie angle
Here is a view from front and above. Coffee mug provided for size/scale comparision purposes only.

Bare Bones Sophie SA2 Cell:

Front and side view of a "bare bones" Sophie Cell. Quarter included for size comparison.

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